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Honeymoon Ideas: Japan

by Ismay Ozga
Japan honeymoon fund Patchwork

If, when you close your eyes and picture your dream honeymoon, there isn’t a white sandy beach in sight, maybe something a little more adventurous is your cup of tea? And what’s more adventurous than sampling the cultural extremes of Japan? There aren’t many places in the world that you’ll see ancient and traditional mix with cutting-edge contemporary in such an interesting way.

Japan honeymoon fund Patchwork

If getting up at 5am to experience the bustling Tsukji Fish Market in Tokyo, hiking up Mt Fuji with your other half, riding bullet trains through beautiful countryside, exploring temples in Kyoto and getting back to nature on the island of Miyajima take your fancy, this is the honeymoon destination for you.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Japan

And if you want to travel in style and navigate all that this incredible country has to offer, without getting lost in translation, we recommend a tailor-made trip with travel experts Black Tomato. Just customise our readymade patchwork and share it with your wedding guests to help fund your honeymoon.

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