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How to Avoid Wedding Stress

by Ismay Ozga
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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life experiences a couple will go through. At the moment, the added complications surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic are making it especially difficult. So we’ve put together some tips to help you deal with wedding day anxiety – follow these and you’ll not only survive the wedding planning craziness but come through it stronger than ever. Here’s our advice for dealing with wedding planning stress:

Have some wedding-free time

It’s so important to remember who you were before all this wedding stress got a hold of you. If you feel like you’re doing a lot of nagging lately when it comes to the wedding plans and what needs to be done, take some time out. Go and spend a day with your mates and do all the things you loved to do before you got engaged – no wedding talk allowed.

Go on a date

Once you’ve spent some time away from each other catching up with friends, it’s time to reconnect with your partner by going on a proper date. With all the scrimping and saving you’ve had to do to pay for the wedding, you probably haven’t splashed out on any treats recently. If you’ve been doing well with your wedding savings, one night out together won’t break the bank. Go to your favourite restaurant, order dessert, stare into each other’s eyes, and don’t mention the ‘W’ word. Instead, talk about what married life will be like. Get excited and feel the stress melting away.

Don’t make things hard for yourself

It may look like the wedding of your dreams on paper, but dealing with the logistics of getting a coach load of wedding guests from the ceremony on one side of the city, to the reception on the other, might not be worth the stress. Especially when there’s a beautiful venue available that you can do the whole lot in. Know your own stress levels – if you’re a whizz at organising, great – go for it. If not, take the easier options and don’t give yourself extra wedding worries. The most important thing is that you marry your partner in front of everyone you love, and that they all have food, alcohol, and a shelter over their heads. Everything else is a bonus.

Pamper yourself 

Take time for you. A stressed bride is a nightmare, not only for you, but for all of the friends and family that have to deal with you. So if you think splashing out on massages and spa treatments isn’t a good investment right now, you’re wrong – time spent alone with nothing to do but relax is important for your mental health. You can’t put 100 favours in 100 tiny bags while you’re getting a massage, and if you can’t do it, there’s no point in worrying about it. Go and find your inner peace.

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Your friends love you, they don’t want to see you have a wedding planning meltdown. No one does. So if you need a little help with the decorations, ask them to help you make them. If your wedding cake has fallen through, ask your bridesmaid to bake you one. Your friends have all sorts of talents and skills and chances are they would love to share them with you – all you need to do is ask.

In fact, if you’d rather your friends gave you their time and skills instead of a wedding gift, just make a patchwork to show them the jobs that need doing to help your wedding day go off without a hitch. Knowing everyone you love is chipping in to give you a great day will be the biggest wedding stress-reliever of all.

See our customisable DIY Wedding patchwork here, or create your own from scratch.

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