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How to Have a Thoroughly Modern Marriage, with You & Your Wedding

by Ismay Ozga
modern marriage patchwork founder Olivia Knight

Patchwork founder Olivia has just written a brand new piece for You & Your Wedding Magazine about how to turn a modern wedding into a thoroughly modern marriage – “16 things you need to know before you get married … and 7 you need to know after”. The article features advice from friends (and wedding industry experts) such as Pip from Move Your Frame, Kate of Halfpenny London, Knot & Pop‘s Susie, Laura of Babb Photo, A Most Curious Wedding Fair‘s Becky, Nova of Nu Bride, Carolyn of Black Tomato and of course our Olivia herself.

“Flick through most bridal magazines and you’ll find 95% of the features are about wedding planning, around 5% focusing on issues surrounding the big day itself and pretty much zero said about the bit after – the bit where you learn to live together FOREVER! Working in the wedding industry myself, I meet the most amazing creative business people, and this summer I was invited to be on an expert panel to discuss exactly what makes a “thoroughly modern marriage”. It was an interesting conversation, in particular because we all realised that being industry experts gave us no advantage when it came to our real-life experiences of married life. To keep the conversation going and share what we’ve learned as wedding professionals, brides and wives, I’ve asked a few industry friends to share their best advice to help you plan your wedding, enjoy your big day and prepare for married life – happily ever after. Hope you enjoy!…” 
Head over to You & Your Wedding to read the full article. 

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