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New Business Showers: A Guide To Living Audaciously

by Ellie Kime

Sometimes, the internet helps you find wonderful people that you otherwise might never have come across – and that’s what’s happened with Keri Jarvis, The Audacity Coach. Keri’s reclaiming ‘Who Does She Think She Is?!’ – err, yes please – and so we knew she’d be the PERFECT person to chat to about our new business shower templates. They’re all about setting up your own business, celebrating your decision to do so, and having the confidence to ask for what you need help with: things Keri is all about too.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Keri Jarvis and I’m The Audacity Coach, leading a reclamation of ‘Who Does She Think She Is?!’. I work mostly with women with young businesses, seeking to do some good in the world whilst carving out vibrant lives for themselves.

Audacity has 4 key facets for me…
– Acknowledge and ask for what you want
– Availability for abundance
– Appearance ambivalence
– Alliance with others

…and I believe that when more women embody these ideas, which go against everything they’ve been taught, the world will get better.

My style is a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting, and I am informal AF. I’m a feminist, socialist, mother of 2, and a Northerner, living by the sea in Essex.

Tell us about the start of your business journey.

Well. Before all this, I was in store management with a major high street retailer- sprouts and knickers were my life. When my eldest son was born 8 years ago, we used hypnobirthing techniques, and this was the beginning of both my business, and my feminist adventures.

I decided not to go back to employment, and trained to teach hypnobirthing myself. The first incarnation of my business was called HypnoBirthdays (cringe), and involved me teaching people in their living rooms, then small groups in mine, and eventually hiring spaces.

By 2018, I’d opened a studio space, under the revised brand, Do It Like A Mother (much better, right?), and had begun mentoring other women through some of the mindset and marketing elements of their small businesses.

I sold Do It Like A Mother at the start of 2020, and after such a tricky year, it’s a fricking pleasure and a half to see it being reinvigorated by its new owner, at the start of a whole new journey for the business.

Keri, a pink-haired white woman, grins with an armful of books

What do you wish you’d known when you started out?

That the failures/ mistakes/ screw ups that feel monumental and all consuming at the time will usually form the funniest, and most affirming parts of your story in the end. The money, time and energy I’ve poured into projects and connections that have been fruitless are beyond measure (because I’ve blocked it out, haaaa). But, cliché though it is, I wouldn’t have the life and biz I have now without those experiences.

What’s the one physical thing you wish you’d had when you started out?

A decent printer (and a lifetime supply of ink and paper and clips)! Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how many hours were spent stressing over paper jams, ink issues and the rest whilst I was teaching people in person. And I still love to print things off if there’s a lot to read – anything to get the screentime down a shade.

What’s the one thing you wished you’d asked for help with?

Whilst I don’t really do regrets, I wish I’d asked for more help to get my head around email marketing sooner. I have shed many tears over a major email marketing provider over the years, and resisted committing to emailing my community because every moment I spent on there reinforced my sense that I was incompetent! These days I have a different system, plenty of help from my business manager, Dawn, and I look forward to connecting with my audience in their inboxes.

Keri is leaning her legs against a wall, reading on her back, her head supported with a pile of books

Why are we scared to celebrate ourselves?

Heaven help a woman who deems herself worthy of praise or recognition! Woe betide her. Seriously – our entire lives we’ve been shown that being self deprecating is the way of a good woman. If we should become FULL OF OURSELVES… well, it’s a sin. But babes, what else would we be full of?! Know this- when you acknowledge your brilliance, you give other women permission to do the same. Normalise women loving themselves. “She
proper loves herself, and I like it.”

What’s your next business milestone coming up and how will you be celebrating?

Ooooo this is such a good question! I’m gonna say the survival of my business through the Panny D. Because of my company structure, I’ve not been entitled to any financial grants or furlough, etc. I had 2 residential retreats to cancel, countless episodes of anticipated work falling through because of other people’s businesses being impacted, not to mention 2 children at home for an eternity. But I am still here, gaining momentum again. I can’t help but feel this is a BIG FRICKING DEAL.

I am celebrating by integrating what I’ve learnt – that I don’t have to be BUSY with my business for it to be successful. I’m allowing myself much more space for rest, hobbies and community care.

Also, new journals. Loads of ‘em… And redecorating my hall, stairs and landing with pink paintwork- babes, I work ALL OVER THE HOUSE, so it’s basically an office upgrade. I’ve also put a disco ball up in my main workspace. And I’m gradually gifting myself an indoor jungle. Oh, and some more feminist books. And I got new photography done. Ok I am very good at this…

THANK you Keri – for your wisdom, of course, but also for the idea of putting a disco ball in our offices…If you’re similarly inspired to set up a business on your own terms, you can find a new business shower template inspired by Keri here. You can find out more about Keri here, and find her on instagram @keri_l_jarvis

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