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5 Independent Drinks Brands We Love

by Ismay Ozga

Whatever you’re celebrating, one thing’s a given – you’re going to need some drinks. Alcoholic or non, you’ll want some delicious (preferably bubbly) stuff to serve at your party so it goes with a bang. Of course there are the cheap and cheerful go-to brands at your local offie, but here are some of Patchwork’s favourite independent UK drinks brands and why we think you need them at your party.

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Everyone loves BeerBods

Patchwork friend and founder Matt Lane sources all the best independent beers and packs up a box for you. So you get all the glory of choosing great beers without actually having to do the hard work. Each beer is made by a small independent brewery and has a story behind it, so if  you get stuck in a corner at a party you can always read your can. Beerbods are perfect whether you’re having a decadent, fully catered affair or if you’re filling the bath with ice and getting everyone to help themselves. Your guests will love the beer (and you) either way – and if they really like what they taste, they can sign up to the Beerbods monthly beer subscription.

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Get Naked (wines)

We love the concept of Naked Wines. Entirely funded by their customer community they invest in a selection of talented, independent winemakers. So as a member you pay £20 a month, then you get to choose from all of their lovely wine at a 25-50% discount, and independent businesses are supported by your input. Good wine and the joy of people power in action, what more could you want? We’ve always had Naked Wine at our own Patchwork parties and can highly recommend their huge variety – we’ve tried bubbles, organic, reds and whites and we’ve never met a drop we didn’t like. Plus, they’re wine experts, so whatever you need for your celebration, whether it’s a summer ‘do or a cosy winter gathering, just ask and they’ll be happy to advise you.

Seedlip, alcohol free, party drinks, independent drinks brand

Seedlip is for sophisticated non-drinkers

We first heard Ben (Founder of Seedlip) speaking at an eatbigfish event which introduced us to some great challenger drinks brands. Ben shared some personal insights about not wanting to have to order juice or Coke at parties and how he felt as a non-drinker basically reduced to a child at the bar. He, of course, wanted to feel as sophisticated as his alcohol-drinking friends. So, he created the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit brand. We think having good non-alcoholic drinks options at parties is a thoughtful, considerate thing to do – every party goer should feel grown-up and elegant with a delicious drink in-hand. Mix up some Seedlip cocktails or simply serve with tonic. Yum.

Our Vodka, London Vodka, Independent drinks brands, party drinks

Our Vodka, your vodka

Our/Vodka started in Sweden, but soon branched out to cities across the globe, setting up micro-distilleries in each new place. All of their vodkas have a different character and taste as they source all of their ingredients locally. Our/Vodka London is made from British wheat using a unique yeast originally found in wine production and is bottled under the arches of Hackney Downs. The thing we love about vodka is its versatility – whether it’s a warming winter tipple or a fruity summer cocktail, you can easily create something delicious to fit the mood. And if you’re feeling slightly worse for wear the morning after your party, you can even use your leftover vodka to make Patchwork Founder Liv’s favourite – a Bloody Mary.

Sipsmith, Gin, Independent drinks brand, party drinks,

You can’t have a party without Sipsmith

Everyone loves gin and tonic, whether you’re a cucumber or classic lime type. So you know serving a fresh G&T at your party is bound to go down a treat. You can’t move for independent gin distillers at the moment, but wherever you are in the country you’ll find Sipsmith. Once a little Hammersmith start-up, they are now happily taking over with their delicious hand-crafted gin. This is a drink that caters to all tastes and encourages trying new flavours – whether it’s in a ‘Millionaire’s’ Martini or a simple G&T served with Fever Tree tonic. And for a bit of extra theatre, why not book the Travelling Gin Company to serve your guests from their bicycle. Or the Lucky Pineapple – a giant golden pineapple from which you’ll be served boozy delights.

Team Patchwork’s favourite party drinks:

“My favourite party drink is a cocktail called Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew, which was created by a bartender called Pete Jeary at the Hawksmoor. It contains Beefeater gin, ginger, lemon and London Pride beer. It’s like a homemade ginger beer shandy, with an added gin kick. It’s SO delicious and refreshing.”

Ismay, Creative Director

“Mine’s a Twinkle –  it’s Prosecco topped with elderflower cordial and vodka and it just makes you feel twinkly. Perfect for any party, any time of the year and delicious and totally appropriate from 11am if it’s a very special occasion.”

Olivia, Founder

“Has to be a Dark and Stormy – it’s super tasty and reminds me of my Grandpa who always had a cocktail in the evening and who’s nickname was Stormy – perfect!”

Kate, Design

“Honestly, my party drink of choice would be champagne, or a nice English sparkling wine, followed by a good dry white wine, with possibly some frozen grapes in to keep it chilled.”

Rosie, Customer Experience

“I think this shows that I’m a total lush but I think for parties out and parties in I’d choose something different. For nights out on the town an Espresso or French Martini to jump start the evening (but after two most of my martini starts sloshing over the side of those impossibly wide flat glasses). With that in mind, for parties at home I would definitely go for an endless flow of prosecco or champagne –  perfect party bubbles and zero stress for the carpets!”

Kim, Commercial Director

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