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Ismay’s Hen Do: Planning Made Easy

by Ismay Ozga
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Our very own Ismay is getting married this summer. We’re excited. When it came to her hen do planning, she of course insisted that her ‘maids used Patchwork, and the results looked incredible. We asked her Maid of Honour Naomi all about the do.

What kind of hen do did you plan?

We planned a lovely beach weekend getaway. We wanted a beautiful house where we could all spend quality time together, with the beach close by to go on a long walk to clear out any fluffy hungover heads. The general theme was a pretty Mexican fiesta, as that’s where the bride and groom are going on their honeymoon, and we knew the decorations would look great and not be too cheesy, as this isn’t our bride’s taste at all! Ismay has a real eye for design so getting the right house was important.

Where did you get all of your ideas?

Myself and the other two bridesmaids are luckily all very creative so a lot of the hen do planning ideas came from ourselves, with a bit of Pinterest thrown in. I split the main jobs between the three of us so we weren’t overlapping and then asked all the girls to help with certain tasks, be it filming the groom answering ‘Mr and Mrs’ questions, making decorations, making a drinking game, writing a quiz round or taking beautiful photos to treasure whilst we were there. This way everybody had a hand in making a really special weekend for the bride-to-be.

How did Patchwork help with the process?

Being able to see all the elements of what goes into a hen do laid out on the patchwork helped the girls see what their money was going towards, and seeing that other people had offered to make or do something really spurred everyone on to get involved in making the whole weekend amazing! It also helped hugely with the money side of things – even though we’re a very close group of friends, nagging for money can be tricky, and keeping track of who’s paid what is a nightmare. Patchwork made the whole thing really easy and left me guilt-free and totally organised.

Ismay says “I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of my hen do! Everything had been planned to total perfection, I felt like I was in a little dream world for the weekend. Realising that every single one of my girls had made or done something was really special. I felt very loved indeed.”

Patchwork Hen Do Fund

Hooray, so glad we could help take some of the hassle out of the hen do planning for this amazing weekend. If you’re looking for more hen do inspiration check out our readymade hen do patchworks, or create your own from scratch.

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