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Kathrin & Bernd’s Unique Wedding Gift

by Ismay Ozga
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Kathrin and Bernd aren’t the biggest fans of weddings. So when it came to planning their own unique wedding, all they really knew is that they wanted to have a relaxed, fun day with all of their family and friends. By the sounds of it, they really pulled it off.

Kathrin says ‘The day turned out to be the most special and amazing one. It was the hottest day of the year, and Clifton Nurseries, where we got married, felt like a secret escape, a wild oasis in the middle of London. After the wedding, we all went on to party at The Groucho until early morning – which says it all.’

While they were planning their perfect day, one issue arose – gifts. What should they do about the gift list? All the couple knew was that they definitely didn’t want a traditional gift registry, for all the usual reasons:
‘As we already had a household and our flat isn’t very big, we didn’t want people to spend money on things we didn’t need.’
So when a friend told them about our online gift list, they thought it was perfect. And Kathrin and Bernd knew exactly what they wanted to ask their guests to fund – a piece of art.

‘We thought a piece of art would be a unique reminder and memory of this occasion, and that it would always capture the mood of the moment no matter when and from where one looks back.’
We helped Kathrin and Bernd turn the artwork they wanted (‘I Have Chalks’ by Dran) into a patchwork, splitting it up so each guest could buy a different piece. From an hour of the artist’s time, to a pot of paint, everyone could chip in to give the couple their perfect wedding gift.
‘Everyone loved it. It was a very personal process and we received wonderful messages. And we love our new artwork, It simply makes us very happy that it is with us and visible every day.’

The couple are so happy they chose to fund a piece of art, as ‘it’s something we really love without exactly knowing why, and something that gives an endless amount of pleasure.’

What a special wedding gift. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kathrin and Bernd, and congratulations from all at Patchwork!

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