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Patchwork Couple: Katy & Ben’s Cape Town Honeymoon

by Rosie Hurwitz

Like so many couples getting married these days, Katy and Ben had been living with each other for a few years when they decided to get married. Because they’d already made their nest they didn’t see a need for a traditional gift list.

“We already had a home full of stuff so we just said ‘no presents please’ on our invite”. Of course as anyone who has ever been to a wedding will know, nobody accepts the “no gifts” idea. People just like giving. So ignoring their request, everyone started asking Katy and Ben what they could bring to the wedding and threatening to buy surprise presents if they didn’t suggest something.

Katy and Ben then admitted there was one thing they wanted. They were planning a honeymoon to Cape Town and could do with a bit of help funding the trip. But it “It felt a bit cold to ask for cash”. Katy and Ben didn’t want people to feel under pressure to “put fifty quid in an envelope” and they also wanted the gift giving experience to be fun. Wedding gifts are supposed to be a celebration of love after all and not just a financial transaction.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Cape Town

When Katy discovered our site the thing that most excited her was that she could build a patchwork of gift ideas at the same time that they were researching and planning their trip. “We liked the idea of using pictures to highlight the things we wanted to do on our adventure. And including the little things like hammock-hire, a beer in a beach bar or a cocktail in a club meant that everyone could afford to treat us to something.”
Katy and Ben collected enough honeymoon gifts to fund their entire trip and have just returned from their amazing adventure. Now they’re taking the time to share their love and thanks, and some photos of the fun they had, with the friends and family who helped make it all happen.

Katy says “We’re recommending Patchwork to others, because it’s easy to use, visually beautiful and creatively produced.  Much, much better than all of the other cheesy looking gift sites.”

Thanks Katy and Ben for using our site.

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