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Kid’s Gift: A Trip to The Lion King

by Rosie Hurwitz
small boy birthday Lion King theatre trip

Rudy loves animals. A lot. He especially likes lions.

So with Rudy’s 3rd birthday coming up his mum decided on the perfect present – a trip to the theatre to see…yep, you guessed it, The Lion King!

Tickets to West End shows don’t come cheap. And as it didn’t seem right or very responsible to send a toddler off to the theatre on his own, his mum had to buy tickets for the whole family.

It was a friend on Facebook that suggested Rudy’s mum use Patchwork knowing all Rudy’s family and friends would want to chip in and help treat him to this big birthday adventure.

And that’s what happened.

Patchwork Theatre Trip Fund

Rudy’s mum told us: “It was the best present ever. Rudy was absolutely beside himself. He sat still and watched with wide eyes for the whole three hours. He loved the animals, especially the giraffes, elephants and lions that walked down the aisle right past his seat.”
And for all the family who contributed towards Rudy’s Lion King patchwork? Although they didn’t get to share the popcorn or see the performance they did each get a special thank you, sent from Rudy and his mum via our site, with photos showing what fun they had.

Patchwork Theatre Trip Fund

If you or someone you know fancies a trip to The Lion King this Christmas just create a patchwork here and invite friends and family to help make it happen – piece by piece.

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