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Knot & Pop: Wedding Planning Consultant

by Ismay Ozga
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Patchwork loves Susie of Knot & Pop. She is a wedding planning whizz, and she’s just come up with great new idea that helps her bring her expertise to couples in need of advice and inspiration. We had a little chat with her about how her new service can help you kick start your planning.

We hear you’re just starting up a new wedding planning consultancy service, can you tell us a bit more about that?

At Knot & Pop we focus mainly on Full Wedding Planning, with couples who therefore have a larger wedding budget to be able to afford a planner and all the time it take to produce a wedding – which can be 300 plus hours, with some taking as long as 900 hours dependent on complexity and size.

For those that don’t have the budget for a wedding planner we wanted to be able to still support and assist them, rather than it being a luxury only a few can afford. With that in mind we have launched K&P Consult – a wedding planning consultancy service that is flexible to the needs of those starting on their wedding planning journey.

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So if couples can’t afford a full wedding planning service, this would be a perfect way to get started, is that right?

Exactly. Coming to a professional from the offset saves so much time in the long run and allows you to make decisions with all the right questions, intel and insights to hand. Over a 1.5-2 hour consultation we will discuss the areas you need addressed – whether it be location quests, building a projected budget, unlocking your theme and scheme in a design session, discussing schedules and on the day timings, offering supplier recommendations… However you’d like to use your time we will offer our expert advice and guidance to set you on the right path, and save you precious time, and stress.

It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with all the choice in the wedding world – how do you help couples pin down what they really want from their day?

At Knot & Pop we ask the right questions to reveal their true priorities, their absolute deal-breakers. Often people get confused in the constant filter of images and inspiration (Pinterest is an amazing resource, but also an amazingly unrealistic guide for couples on an ‘average’ wedding budget). With so much inspiration and information around them, couples can quickly lose sight of original thoughts and the essence of what they want. We’re here to hone in on that, and give them the confidence in their decisions. For us, it’s about empowering the couple to have their day, their way.

wedding planner patchwork recommends knot & pop

What’s your favourite wedding trend at the moment?

To be honest, I feel hesitant to talk in certain trends when it comes to weddings. When the magazines and blogs discuss a certain colour trend, print or pattern fixation, food fad etc, I find it a bit inaccurate to how people should approach their wedding day. Couples come to Knot & Pop for fresh ideas and wow wedding moments. For us it’s about getting to know the couple and then developing the best fit theme and scheme for them for that. Yes, we keep a keen eye on trends, but we’re not dictated by them and when it comes to a couple’s wedding day, they really shouldn’t feel that additional pressure – to keep up with trends, or stay ahead of them. In wider terms, the trend that we continue to welcome with open arms is the one of individuality. Ditching the cookie-cutter approach of old to have a wedding that is truly reflective of the hosts of the day. I admittedly do have a no-go list of things – but I don’t want to insult anyone by saying them…as one persons loathe, is another persons love after all!

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There’s a lot to remember when planning a wedding – what are your tips for staying on track?

Time to develop a love of Excel and scheduling, as doing the necessary wedmin with key timelines and deadlines across each and every aspect of the wedding really does help to keep things on track, with decisions made in a logical order. Make sure you keep a keen eye on the budget with projections made first, and track all payments made in this master budget so you know when supplier payments are due, in order for you to have the necessary funds saved in time.

patchwork recommends wedding planner knot & pop

DIY weddings are something a lot of couples try in a bid to save money. In your opinion, what should you DIY, and what should you leave to the experts?

When deciding on things to DIY it’s all about recognizing your patience, inclination and you/your friends/family abilities. When it comes to wedding decorations, certain craftings are particularly labour intensive so if you decide to take something like this on then be realisticabout the time it requires, pulling in the additional help if needed so you’re not up against it as the big day draws near. General rule of thumb, double the time you think it will take! With asking for friends and family help, then again ensure you ask in good time and know that they are 100% committed.

If you’re not wanting anything too elaborate then couples often opt for a friend of family member to make the cake. We’ve been amazed at the talent of some of our couples’ family members when it comes to cake creations.

If you have some friends who love to DJ then see if they’d like to take to the decks for your big day, discussing with them the kind of tunes you’d like played on your day. Also see if they have the equipment or if you need to hire this in, getting all the right specs in terms of what’s needed.

Something to definitely leave to the experts (and at Knot & Pop we can’t stress this enough) is the photography. Asking a friend to do it means that they can’t relax and enjoy the wedding. A wedding photographer will know where to be and when, capturing each and every moment, rather than missing some because they were catching up with a friend they haven’t seen in years at the bar…

Patchwork recommends wedding planner knot & pop

What’s the best thing about helping couples plan their day?

Starting as strangers and finishing as friends. It’s such an honour to be trusted to plan a couples wedding day, and create a day that really embodies them.

And how can couples reach you if they’d like to hear more about your new service?

Simply email susie@knotandpop.com and we can discuss the areas you need support with, setting a day to meet for the Consultation.

A 1.5 hour consultation is £150, with a 2 hour consultation £200.

Thank you, Susie! Check out more of Knot & Pop’s work here.

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