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Leonie’s Unique Gift: Circus Skills Course

by Ismay Ozga
circus skills patchwork group gift

Leonie knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday. She wanted to run away with the circus. Realistically, that wasn’t going to happen. So she asked her sister to organise the next best thing – a place on a circus course.

Circus Skills Course Birthday Gift Patchwork

Anna put together a circus patchwork, with all the bits and bobs Leonie would need for the course, and then invited all of Leonie’s friends and family to contribute.

According to Leonie, the whole thing was a huge success:
“I absolutely loved the patchwork experience – it was so brilliant to be able to ask for something that I really, really wanted and wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”

A circus skills workshop birthday gift patchwork

Anna presented Leonie with all of the lovely messages her friends had sent when they bought each gift, and made her a – you guessed it – circus themed birthday card. Perfect.

So how was the actual almost-running-away-with-the-circus bit? Amazing by the sounds of it:

“It was little bit scary on the first day, but there were lovely people in my class and such great teachers, it wasn’t too scary for long. We were thrown straight in the deep end – standing on (other beginners) shoulders! We got to try lots of different things throughout the term, including acrobalance, tumbling and handstands.”

In fact, the patchwork was such a success, and Leonie loved it so much, she’s already booked in for a second course.

We love these thank-you cards that Leonie made using Paperless Post, and sent out to everyone that contributed towards her brilliant birthday present.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Leonie.

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