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Make Someone Happy for a Year

by Rosie Hurwitz
beer for a year subscription Patchwork

Looking for a unique gift idea? How about one of these brilliant subscriptions? Customise one of the readymade patchworks below then get everyone to chip in to make someone you love very happy every month for a whole year.

Beerbods will deliver a crate of 12 different craft beers so your friend can enjoy a new beer each week for 12 weeks, and join other subscribers for a live (twitter) tasting session every Thursday night.

Nobody likes getting bills. Everyone likes getting presents. With a subscription to Not Another Bill your friend will receive a beautifully curated surprise gift in the post every month.

Example of a magazine subscription Patchwork

A subscription to Stack means your friend will receive a new independent magazine through their door each month. It’s the perfect present for a creative bookworm.

To make your own patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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