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Our Five Worst Christmas Gifts of All Time

by Rosie Hurwitz
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So we’ve been discussing the worst Christmas gifts we’ve ever received. It’s a tough one. So many years, so many slightly disappointing presents. But here are our five favourite worst/weirdest gifts ever:

5. The broken horse

Rosie’s grandmother knew Rosie liked horses so one Christmas she sent her one. Not a real one but a small china one. A small broken china horse with only three legs.

4. Zulu on VHS and the lint remover

Ismay’s mum wasn’t a massive fan of the 1964 film ‘Zulu’ starring Michael Caine. She’d never seen it, or mentioned it, but that didn’t stop Ismay’s brother from buying it for her. But it’s okay because he also gave her a lint remover to keep her sweet and bobble-free.

3. The Habitat catalogue

Liv was twenty something. She’d just bought her first flat and was a bit obsessed with all things interiors. Knowing this a close family member gave her a Habitat catalogue. Not with vouchers in, just the free Habitat catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2002.

2. The electrocuting slippers

Kim tried to look happy when she unwrapped her synthetic slippers. She thought she could cope with her feet being sweaty and itchy just for Christmas day. But had to take them off after discovering that they were supercharged and gave anyone who touched them an electric shock – including the dog.

1. The icy glove grabber

Last Christmas Liv’s husband was given a very unique gift by his Nan – A single, nylon, dark green padded mitten with a kind of claw attached. More like a spade really coming from the finger-less-bit. Baffled by the weird weapon Laurie thanks his Nan and politely asks what it is. “It’s for wiping your ice off your windscreen” says Nan. “Brilliant” says Laurie. “We just need a car and some snow and we’re sorted.”

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