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The Patchwork Honeymoon Report 2018

by Ismay Ozga

Our top honeymoon destinations for 2018

In Europe, Croatia has been a hugely popular destination this year with its picturesque countryside, stunning coastline and historic villages providing the beauty and romance of Italy without the crowds.

Lisbon, our favourite new European foodie destination, has also been popular for Patchwork couples wanting to combine great cuisine with vibrant nightlife and a laid-back culture. And the range of Airbnb accommodation has helped make it easy to find unique and affordable places to stay in this a beautiful historic city.


Further afield Tulum and Cape Town continue to be popular destinations for couples wanting to experience beautiful beaches and great food combined with a culture trip and/or city break. And Costa Rica, Canada and Argentina have all made it to the top of the list for couples looking for a once in a lifetime honeymoon adventure.

Top destinations for LGBT couples in 2018

Reykjavik’s Gay Bar, Kiki. (via cntraveller)

European travel is generally safe for LGBT couples with Italy, Croatia and Portugal attracting lots of LGBT honeymoon couples this year.

Outside Europe, Iceland has been emerging as a new honeymoon destination in the last couple of years. Offering mystery, romance and adventure and with a lively gay scene in Reykjavik, it’s been a popular choice for LGBT couples in 2018.

Patchwork honeymoon Fund Iceland

Cape Town is also a popular LGBT honeymoon destination, offering a safe place for LGBT couples to experience African culture and wildlife as well as enjoy five star dining and world class wine!


Being the first country in Latin America to legalise same sex marriage, Argentina has progressive LGBT rights. So this incredibly diverse country with its vibrant cities, epic deserts, lush forests, wild plains and otherworldly salt flats is a great option for LGBT couples looking for adventure!

The biggest changes we’ve seen in 2018


In the last few years we’ve seen less couples opting for fly-and-flop style honeymoons and instead using their honeymoon as a chance to share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This trend is set to continue with UK couples becoming increasingly adventurous, attempting to take longer honeymoons and travelling as far as New Zealand.

However, post-Trump we’re seeing signs that the American road-trip, super popular with UK couples in the last few years, has been less attractive for 2018. With couples instead heading to Trudeau’s neighbouring Canada to experience epic scenery, super cool cities and a more liberal and laid-back culture.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Canada

Post-Brexit Millennials are also showing their love for Europe this summer with increasing numbers of couples choosing to explore parts of Europe they may not have visited – including super trendy Croatia and Portugal.

Most popular honeymoon experiences in 2018

Vineyards in South Africa

While adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers will continue to enjoy skydives, zip wires, sand surfing and scuba diving, many of the honeymoon excursions funded via Patchwork this summer have been altogether more leisurely, with couples choosing to celebrate their love with culinary delights and wine tours!

Romance means learning how to make pasta in Puglia, salmon fishing in the Canadian Rockies or cooking your own steak together on a campfire in Argentina. And for more active couples perhaps a day cycling, driving or horse riding through the vineyards in France, South Africa or Argentina.

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