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Patchwork Loves: Black Tomato

by Ismay Ozga
Black Tomato Honeymoon Fund Patchwork

If you’re looking for laid-back luxury but also dreaming of adventure, a tailor-made Black Tomato trip could be the answer. Especially if you’re tempted to split your honeymoon into two destinations, which we’re noticing a huge trend for. It makes sense – why go to just one place when, with some good planning and a little help from the experts, you can visit two. Whether you take the twin-centre approach or not, a Black Tomato trip perfectly combines pure pampering and unique experiences, creating a honeymoon that is truly once-in-a-lifetime.

black tomato honeymoon fund adventure patchwork

We’ve created 6 readymade patchworks to some of the most popular Black Tomato destinations, so if you’re looking for honeymoon inspiration, there’s a good chance one of them will take your fancy, whether it’s Japan, Indonesia, California & Bora Bora, Sri Lanka, Iceland, or Tanzania & Zanzibar.

black tomato honeymoon fund California patchwork
Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Bali

So, if this has tempted you to book a Black Tomato honeymoon, set up a Patchwork honeymoon fund by customising one of our readymade patchworks, personalise it to make it your own, then send it out to friends and family to help fund it.

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