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Patchwork. People. Power.

by Ismay Ozga
patchwork people power

When we first launched Patchwork we designed it with our own friends in mind.

Creative, resourceful couples approaching marriage who already live together, don’t need a department store gift list, and instead want to ask friends and family to chip in towards the one thing they really want – like a honeymoon, work of art or nice piece of furniture.

The first people to use our site really were our mates, then friends of friends and then, as word spread, real people. People we didn’t know.

And we loved them immediately.

You see we like to think we’re a pretty creative bunch in our Patchwork studio but it turns out our users beat us hands down. Every day we are surprised and delighted by the patchworks being made by our super-cool and ever imaginative community.

And we’re grateful too, for all the support, feedback and ideas people have given us. Like the idea to allow people to use Patchwork to contribute not just cash, but also time and skills to make something amazing happen.

An idea we love and have now made possible.
So here’s to you Patchwork people. All power to you.
With love and thanks,
Team Patchwork.

To share your patchwork story tweet us #peoplepower #patchworkstory

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