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Patchwork Relaunch: Give together. Piece by piece.

by Ismay Ozga
new patchwork site relaunch

Exciting times here at Patchwork, as we can finally reveal the gorgeous new look site we’ve been working on for the last six months.
So what’s different?

Patchwork is now a global, mobile platform that allows people to contribute money, time and skills to help make something amazing happen.

You can still use Patchwork to collect cash gifts towards your honeymoon – with wedding guests choosing whether to pay £200 for a night in hotel, £100 for a romantic dinner or £5 for a couple of beers on the beach.

But you’ll also be able to organise a surprise party, hen do or baby-shower, including things in your patchwork that people can help to fund, make and do – whether that means buying a bottle of bubbly, making a cake or promising to DJ.

Hooray! Yay! Whoop! Cheers! Beers!

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