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Patchwork’s Favourite Venues: The Giraffe Shed

by Ismay Ozga

When a venue describe themselves as a ‘heptagonal palace of joy, confetti and dancing’, what’s the point in us even trying to write an introduction? The Giraffe Shed are a badass new Welsh wedding venue that are totally redefining what barn wedding venues have to offer, and we chatted to Hannah and Neilo, the duo behind the renovation, to chat all things giraffes, sheds, and barns.

Tell us a bit about The Giraffe Shed and what makes it special.

We are a family run wedding venue in the rural hills of Wales. We’re a non traditional, no rules, alternative pad and nothing is too out there. Basically anything goes!

Photo by Nesta Lloyd

If you could choose just five words to describe the venue to couples what would you say?

Badass, alternative, pink, light, industrial.

What’s your favourite feature and why?

I would say our candy striped wall & mural. Neilo would say our charred black wood frontage.

Which weddings stand out for you at The Giraffe Shed – any weird or wonderful ones?

All of our weddings have been out of this world – we can’t choose any favourite bits – they’ve all been completely individual to our awesomely insane amazing couples.

Photo by Elena Popa

Have you ever had to be a hero and save the day?

Cake arrived smooshed at the first wedding and my awesome cake maker friend Sam’s Sweet Treats saved the day! She was the real hero!

Do you have a favourite season or a particular theme or time of year that you think works best at The Giraffe Shed?

I love late May / early June – everything is fresh and beautiful and the early evening light is so amazing; shining through our floor to ceiling glass wall is to die for!

Photo by Nesta Lloyd

And finally, give us the lowdown – quick facts and stats:

If you don’t like sheep – don’t bother. Weekend hire is £3000 for 2020 – we only do 10 weddings a year so you kinda need to get in touch! We are a working farm – our wedding season is from May to September.

If you’re hosting your wedding day in the incredible The Giraffe Shed and are going for a DIY vibe, why not get your pals to help out with our DIY Wedding patchwork?

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