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Planning a Dream Wedding Day – And a Quick Getaway!

by Rosie Hurwitz
patchwork Jason Jennings wedding dress

Most brides will tell you that planning a wedding is a pretty stressful experience. Not for Amy Buxton. She didn’t even stress about her dress. She let her fiancé Jason Jennings design and make it for her. Of course it helped that he’s actually a bridal wear designer. It helped that she gave him a very specific brief. But then she just relaxed trusting that he would create something spectacular. And he did.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Bali

We’d seen Jason’s designs for Veromia on the catwalks before so, when we saw that he was getting married and using our site to plan and fund his honeymoon, we did wonder if he would be designing the dress for his future wife. It was a brave move. But it worked out perfectly.Looking at the dress you can see the love and care that went into it. It’s wasn’t just made-to-measure. Jason designed the shape, the cut, the fabric and every tiny detail with his beautiful bride in mind. And the result was stunning.

The morning after their wedding Amy and Jason swapped their wedding outfits for shorts and flip-flops and headed off on their honeymoon to Bali. So within 24 hours of saying “I do” they found themselves relaxing in a beach bar, drinking cocktails and reminiscing about the day.

Amy says, “We’d planned this amazing wedding day with all our friends and family and we really didn’t want to have that anticlimax afterwards. So jetting off straight away was always the plan.”Of course the wedding day was a huge expense so Amy says they were really pleased to discover Patchwork as “It meant we were able to afford the honeymoon of our dreams”.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Bali

“We loved Patchwork because it enabled us to share our honeymoon with friends and family and because everyone had contributed, and knew what we were planning to do, they all demanded photo evidence via Facebook and Instagram as we went along. It was really nice being out there knowing everyone at home was thinking of us and rooting for us just like they were on our wedding day”.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Bali

If you’re thinking of inviting your guests to help fund your honeymoon you can browse our readymade honeymoon patchworks for inspiration.

And if you like Amy’s dress and want to see Jason’s current bridal collection check out Veromia.

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