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Share the Cost of a Child’s Bike This Christmas

by Ismay Ozga
children's red bike Christmas gift patchwork

Think of the best present you were given when you were little. The one that had you jumping up and down in your jim-jams. Was it a new bike, waiting patiently for you under a suspiciously bicycle-shaped sheet, wrapped in wrinkled wrapping paper and tied with a bow?

There are few things as exciting when you’re a kid than a brand new bike, with its shiny frame and happy little bell. That’s why they make such brilliant Christmas presents for little ones. But new bikes don’t come cheap, with most costing upwards of £100. So if your little one has their heart set on a new bike for Christmas but you’re not sure you can afford it this year, why not share the cost with your loved ones?

Give one thing that’s really wanted:

By making a patchwork you can show your family the one thing your little one really wants this Christmas. Then they can chip in towards it – whether it’s £2 for the bell, £50 for the saddle, or £20 for a wheel. If everyone contributes, your little one can have that face-lighting-up moment on Christmas morning. Sharing the cost means affording a good quality bike that should last them until their next growth spurt.

children Christmas gift patchwork bike

Avoid stress, mess and unwanted gifts:

If you’d like to avoid ending up with tons of plastic toys from well-meaning relatives, let them know what the kids really want (and need) by sending out a customised bike patchwork. Your friends and family will be relieved to be pointed in the right direction as it’ll save them walking aimlessly around the toy section, picking up whatever makes the most noise.

It’s easy with Patchwork:

We’ve made a template children’s bike patchwork, so all you need to do is customise it, add in your own descriptions and send it out to friends and family to fund. With Patchwork, cash contributions go directly to you via PayPal. So you can then head to whichever shop has the best deal, buy the bike, and wrap it up ready for Christmas Day. And when your little one unwraps it, you can tell them it’s a gift from everyone who loves them.

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