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Simon’s 40th: Funding a Big Birthday Present

by Rosie Hurwitz
Man and little boy sitting next to tent in campfield

Simon and Lucy have always loved camping but, since the birth of their little boy Sonny, they hadn’t had the chance to get away for a while.

“Two years on and we really needed a holiday” says Lucy. “We knew Sonny would really enjoy camping with us. We just needed a bigger tent!”

As Simon was about to celebrate his 40th birthday Lucy decided a family sized tent was the perfect gift. “I knew he didn’t really want or need anything else. And as it was going to be really expensive I thought it would be a good idea to invite people to chip in. I didn’t feel I could ask for cash outright, so Patchwork was the perfect solution.”

40th birthday camping trip patchwork

“It was fun and our friends all said the site was a great idea – it seemed to encourage generosity and we were amazed at the amount we got.”

In fact Lucy’s friends and family were so generous that she could afford an “enormous and luxurious tent, and comfy new beds and bedding”. Simon loved his present and best of all the whole family have loved spending time together playing outdoor games, cooking on the BBQ and sleeping under the stars.

Thanks so much for sharing, Lucy. If you’re inspired to organise a big gift for a loved one, you can customise one of our readymades here, or create your gift list from scratch.

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