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Socially Distanced Baby Shower Ideas

by Ismay Ozga
Pink baby shower cake

Although some aspects of life are gradually returning to normal, when it comes to baby showers, it still may not be possible to celebrate in the way we used to. If there’s a new mum-to-be in your life who deserves to be spoiled rotten, but you aren’t able to get together, we’ve got some ideas for socially distanced baby showers for you. It’s still totally possible to show her loads of love, from a distance. 

pastel coloured street - drive by baby shower

Organise a drive-by baby shower

Drive/walk/cycle-by baby showers are becoming a big hit in place of getting together for a bash. This is the perfect option if you all live near the parents-to-be. Just send out an invitation telling friends to pass by their house at a certain time, decorate your car or bike, and blast some favourite tunes out as you go! Arrange for the mama-to-be to sit by her front door as you all come past in your party parade to shower her with love. Everyone can drop off their gifts – from a safe distance. Pro tip: order pizza and cake to turn up at the same time. Pregnant people like food. 

socially distanced baby shower picnic

Host a garden extravaganza

If one of you has a nice big outside space and you’re all able to travel, it’s a lovely idea to get together for a socially distanced baby shower in the garden. Set the table with beautiful flowers and little games, and lay blankets and cushions on the grass so that everyone can sit comfortably (a meter apart!) and enjoy the afternoon. Just make sure the mum-to-be gets an extra comfortable seat with lots of cushions! Decorate with balloons and bunting and make (or order in!) some special treats. 

parcel of gifts for baby shower

Post a big box of love 

Volunteer to put together a big box of treats from all the friends and family. Ask everyone to either send a homemade gift to you or choose something special which you can buy – then wrap everything up beautifully and package it all up together in one big box. This saves everyone making trips to the shops or post office and it creates a super special moment for the parents-to-be as they get to open all of the gifts for the new arrival at once. Organise a Zoom so that you can watch their faces as they dig into their box.

pregnant woman with cot in baby nursery

Chip in towards one big ticket item

If you know you can’t physically take your friends a gift at the moment, why not ask everyone to club together to help buy them a more expensive item – like a beautiful new cot? It’s a gift that will be loved, used and appreciated for years to come. Or maybe they’d rather a high chair, a bouncer, car seat or baby carrier? Whatever it is they really need, just make a patchwork to send to everyone, collect the money, and then buy the gift. 

Throw a virtual baby shower 

Zoom baby showers are a super fun way to get everyone together – albeit virtually – to show your mate lots of love. There are plenty of things you can do to make it a special call – from matching backgrounds and a gift delivery to the mum-to-be in time for the call, to coming up with lots of fun games to play. In fact we’ve got a whole post about virtual baby showers which tells you everything you need to know to make it a hit. 

So whichever route you decide to go down to show your friend and their new arrival some love, all you need to do is make a patchwork to let everyone know the plan – then they can choose how to get involved and you can keep track of the funds and who’s doing what. Then you can surprise your pal with a gorgeous treat that will definitely make them feel your love, even in this strange time. 

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