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Special Present for A Little Girl: Vera’s Pony

by Rosie Hurwitz
young girl with wheelbarrow at stables

There was only one thing Vera wanted for Christmas this year – the same thing she’s wanted for the last four years – a horse. Living in London and not being a rich kid her chances were looking pretty slim. But being a resourceful kind of a girl Vera came up with a plan ….. a patchwork pony!
Instead of surprise presents, Vera asked all her family to chip in towards a two week pony loan at her local riding school. And has spent every day since Christmas at the yard, in the stable, on the muck heap and riding her favourite pony Annie.

a birthday pony funded by family and friends

Creating her gift page using all her own words and pictures was “really fun” said Vera. “But the best bit is being at stables every day. Having my own pony for two weeks is the best Christmas present ever.”

A cold, wet, windy outdoorsy Christmas for Vera who is feeling “very warm and happy on the inside”.

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