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Sunny Day Gifting: Digital Giving During Lockdown

by Rosie Hurwitz
Rainbow chalked on ground

We’ve certainly had a lot of grey and stormy days lately; but even on the bleakest days we can always look out for rainbows, and remind ourselves that storms don’t last forever. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, babies are being born, birthdays are being celebrated, and important milestones and anniversaries will be marked. Whilst social distancing measures make it impossible to physically be together to celebrate, we can still show our love from a distance. In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to remind friends and loved ones that their special days are not forgotten! Digital giving, distance gifting, or ‘sunny day gifting’ are all on the rise, and Patchwork is perfect for them all!

Sun shining from behind clouds in blue sky

What is sunny day gifting?

Sunny day gifting is simply sending someone a gift now, to be enjoyed when the clouds clear. So, you might want to treat your friend or loved one to a luxury spa day, a night at the theatre or a birthday sky dive. With Patchwork you can set up a group gift page in minutes, share the link with friends and collect cash contributions towards the big gift. Then on their (lockdown) birthday you can gift them their beautiful patchwork page, with all the messages from their friends and the money towards their ‘sunny day gift’ to be spent when they are ready. It’s a way of connecting with friends, and bringing some joy and excitement to their special day. When life returns to normal and this is a distant memory they can enjoy their gift and send thanks to all those who made it happen!

Patchwork Rainbow Fund in an iPad

Patchwork rainbow fund

If you’re not sure what your friend might need or want – we’ve thought of that too. Have a look at our brand new Rainbow Fund template. It’s kind of like a rainy day fund but much more fun. It’s money towards whatever it is that will help keep them excited about the future. Allowing them to dream of freedom to come; something to plan for, when the clouds have finally lifted.

Ideas for new baby gifts while social distancing

A new arrival is always a sign of hope and new beginnings, and one of the happiest (and cutest) occasions to celebrate. Social distancing measures are especially important for pregnant women and no-one wants to spread germs to a brand new baby, so distance gifting is extra important. Whether you want to treat the new parents to a food delivery service, or contribute towards a big item like a new cot, Patchwork makes it easy with readymade templates that can be customised in minutes.

Say happy birthday with love, from a distance

There are going to be a lot of birthdays celebrated during lockdown, and whilst the parties might have to be put off, the birthday gifts don’t! You can use Patchwork to get together with friends and family and let loved ones know you are thinking of them on their special day. Collect birthday messages on the page to share with your birthday buddy and they can treat themselves to their gift whenever they like. Whether it’s a subscription of beers for a year, money towards a vegetable patch, or contributions towards a new sofa (for all that staying at home!) they’ll feel loved from a distance.

So if you know someone with a birthday or special occasion coming up (or if you have one coming up yourself!) check out our 100s of stylish templates and get some distance gift inspiration to bring some joy to someone you love!

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