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Supporting Our Charity Partners: ClientEarth

by Rosie Hurwitz
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Today on the blog, we’re super excited to be chatting to Grace Archibald, Philanthropy Manager at ClientEarth, one of three extraordinary environmental charities that Patchwork are supporting with our new 50/50 for the planet business model. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Grace holds a Bachelor Degree in Art Education from the University of New South Wales. Prior to moving to London, Grace worked on the establishment of a national foundation to record Aboriginal languages. From a young age, Grace has been a keen environmentalist and says: ‘I am honoured to pursue this passion and work for ClientEarth. It is inspiring to work for such a vital organisation, which together with a group of dedicated supporters is making a positive impact to ensure our planet will be habitable for all beings in years to come.’ Not heard of ClientEarth? Read on to hear about their inspiring work and unique approach to fighting climate catastrophe.

What’s unique and different about ClientEarth compared to other environmental charities?

ClientEarth has a unique approach – harnessing the power of the law to protect life on Earth. Our team of legal experts have demonstrated that the law is a powerful tool for creating systemic change – quickly and without a huge level of investment. We have a distinct set of expertise, ranging from corporate and financial law to human rights, campaigning and advocacy specialists. This range of knowledge and experience enables us not only to enforce existing laws, but also to inform and implement new, stronger protections for people and planet. All of our work is led by science, and we focus our attention on high-leverage opportunities to achieve impact in four key areas – climate, nature, health and justice.

quote which reads 'as a citizen and a lawyer, I worry about governments washing their hands of the responsibility to act against climate change' by Maria-Krystyna Duval - Director of Climate and Energy

Can you tell us a little bit about what a typical day looks like for one of your lawyers?

For one of our lawyers a day at ClientEarth is typically varied. It could include meeting with partners and barristers to discuss case actions, scoping work for upcoming actions as well as speaking with funders about our work.

What projects are you working on right now that Patchwork users are helping to support?

We have over 160 cases currently pending across the world, but one of our most significant legal challenges is close to home – we are suing the UK Government over its inadequate net zero strategy. Our case argues that the Government has failed to set out sufficient policies to reduce emissions enough to meet its legally binding carbon budgets. 

We often choose cases in which climate and wildlife laws intersect, working towards dual wins. For example, we are working to protect important populations of marine mammals in the Gulf of Venice, whilst challenging key aspects of the Italian government’s policy on oil and gas exploration. Our case opposing the proposed Teodorico Project gas plant was recently boosted by the local regional authority, who have intervened to back all of our arguments.

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What do you think makes the Patchwork and ClientEarth partnership such a good fit?

We need a multi-pronged solution to the vast environmental challenges that we face. Patchwork is a creative solution for combatting waste and is influencing how and what people buy. Reflecting on one aspect of our work – which is to stop plastic pollution – our strategies are driving companies to bear the real cost of throwaway plastic and stopping plastic at its source. Our team is dedicated to using the power of the law to push for long term solutions that will end plastic pollution. So Patchwork and ClientEarth are changing mind-sets and systems so that the planet – which also means all that inhabit it – is at the centre of all we do and that’s why our partnership is such a good fit.

Image of a forest from above with words '50/50 - Patchwork gives 50% of our fees to environmental charities' three charity logos are underneath: Friends of the Earth, Survival International and Client Earth.

Aside from supporting ClientEarth through Patchwork, what are some other ways people can show support for the fight against climate catastrophe and help to ensure our planet thrives in the future?

There are so many exciting things going on at ClientEarth, I’d recommend subscribing to our newsletter to hear regular updates. These often contain more specific actions that people can take to help fight against climate and ecological breakdown, such as joining campaign actions. If you’re inspired by our work, you can also support ClientEarth directly. More generally, it’s also great to find out what environmental projects are going on around you, that you can get involved in. Creating sustainable communities at the local level is very rewarding and can inspire others to do the same.

Quote which reads 'the decisions we make now can secure a liveable future. We have the tools and know-how required to limit warming' - Hoesung Lee IPCC Chair

Finally, do you have any celebrations, community projects or personal milestones coming up this year? If so, how would you use Patchwork to help plan a party, project or present?

We’ve got a big anniversary coming up this year – ClientEarth is turning 15 years old. In that time, we’ve grown from a small charity focused on the EU, to an international organisation with a global presence and over 250 members of staff.

Thank you so much Grace, and congratulations to all of you at ClientEarth on your upcoming 15th anniversary! We’re here when you’re ready to start planning that party.

Once again, we’re honoured to be supporting you with the help of our brilliant Patchwork creators and their friends and families. True people power in action!

If you’ve got a present, party, or project to plan, you can use Patchwork to invite guests to give cash, time and skills to make it happen. When you sign up to our one-off payment or our monthly subscription, and choose ClientEarth as your charity we’ll donate 50% of our own fee directly to them. All money collected through your Patchwork is yours; to spend how, where and when you like.

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