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Support small businesses with a Local Gift List

by Rosie Hurwitz
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The Covid restrictions have hit our high streets hard in recent months. The best thing you can do to support small businesses is spend your birthday gift money locally. Use Patchwork to create your local ‘wish list’. Then invite your family and friends so they can choose what they’d like to treat you to. It’s a safe, secure and fun way to receive cash direct that you can spend in your local community.

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What is a Patchwork local gift list?

With a Patchwork local gift list you can let your family and friends send you birthday money securely. At the same time, support your high street or nearby small businesses by committing to spending it locally.

By creating a Pinterest board style “wish list” with Patchwork, you can share your ideas for things you’d like to treat yourself. Then your friends and family can choose which items or experiences on your ‘wish list’ they’d like to contribute towards. Your Patchwork will have a URL which you can share with your family and friends. Then you simply collect gift money direct in to your PayPal or bank account via Stripe. Simple!

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Who is a local gift list good for?

Patchwork makes birthday gifting simple for you. It’s convenient for your friends and family, supports local and independent business AND is good for the environment too. Avoiding unwanted gifts solves the problem of things ending up unused at the back of a cupboard, and eventually in landfill.

It also makes people happy knowing you’re getting the things you want. Everyone is a tiny bit nosey and likes to see where their money is going! Plus it’s super convenient and secure and can involve those who are nearby or far away so it’s a real win-win all round.

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How do I set my Patchwork page up?

It couldn’t be easier to set up your own personal local gift list. You can start a page from scratch or use our easy to customise template. Simply edit the images and text with your own gift and experience wishes. Then add your personal details and link a payment method. That’s it – you’re done and it’s ready to share.

When people arrive at your birthday wish list they can see the things you’d like to treat yourself to and choose which suits them and their budget. You can also add non-financial gifts too. For example, inviting friends to come over to meet you for a walk in the park and catch up over coffee.

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What can I add to my local gift list?

With a Patchwork local gift list all money is sent to you direct to spend where, when and how you like, so there are absolutely no limits on what you can add to yours.

Perhaps there’s a brilliant deli near you. You can add a patch for some cheese and deli meats so you can enjoy an alfresco no-cook weekend lunch! Maybe you have a local bookshop. You can add a patch for £10 called ‘buy me a book’ and you can enjoy a good browse in your own time and decide exactly how to spend your gift. You can add patches from as little as £3 for a takeaway coffee, £25 to spend in your favourite gift shop, right up to £100 to treat yourself to a brand new hairstyle at your local salon. The only limit is your own imagination.

Can people part fund a patch?

If you are adding larger, more expensive items you can break the cost down and allowing people to ‘chip in’ Say for example you have your eye on a piece of art in a local gallery at £200. By pricing the patch at say £20, you can allow 10 people to chip in and you’ll have collected the amount you need. Patches can be funded multiple times (eg cups of coffee or books) or you can limit them to only be available once (that dress in the vintage shop for example). Offering a wide choice of items and experiences at different prices keeps everyone happy.

Ready to set up your local gift list?

You can start your page using our easy to customise template and have fun adding your own ideas. Need help? You probably won’t as it’s super simple! But if you do we always have time for a chat, so drop us a line at hello@patchworkit.com or call us on 07547 439 805 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Have fun making yours and let us know how it goes by tagging us on Instagram using @patchwork_it!

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