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Sustainable Wedding Guide

by Rosie Hurwitz
wedding couple with text that reads 'the eco-wedding guide'

Enabling guests to give money, time and skills instead of department store stuff, Patchwork is already the least consuming, most joy filled wedding registry out there. And now we’re here to help make the rest of your wedding planning as fun and eco-friendly as possible too.

As Patchwork is all about pooling resources we’ve written our Sustainable Wedding Guide together with some amazing industry friends who have generously shared their expertise, tips and ideas.

We want to make sure this guide is accessible to everyone and have therefore made it totally free to download and share. Please just tag @Patchwork_Wedding so we can connect with you too.

Find out more about Patchwork wedding registry here and our honeymoon fund here. Whatever you use Patchwork to fund, make or do, you can feel good knowing we donate 50% of our sign-up fee to environmental charities fighting for our future. You can find out more about our business model here and the charities we support here.

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