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The Alternative for Couples Who Don’t Want a John Lewis Gift List

by Rosie Hurwitz
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It’s weird what happens when you decide to get married. You suddenly realise there’s a ton of stuff you’ve got to do. Yes you need to sort out when, where and how you’re going to tie the knot but you’ve also got to decide on a new hairdo for the big day, start exfoliating your elbows, and make a list of gifts from John Lewis – 100 things you’ve never wanted before but now urgently need.

The good news is that, despite what the magazines say, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can celebrate our love without sacrificing our sense of self or our own style. We can get married and still keep hold of our personality and our principles. We don’t have to do the hair do, wear pastels and suddenly start needing napkins. We can get married and celebrate our love in any way we want to.

And that’s what our alternative gift list is all about.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund

Whether it’s used to collectively fund a honeymoon, one special gift or the wedding party itself, our site is the perfect platform for couples who know just what they want – and know that it’s not a Vera Wang soap dish or a pure marble pestle and mortar.

Offering a truly personal and creative experience, our site lets couples show friends and family the one gift they really want and at the same time lets them share their story and express their own unique identity.
And because our site is independent of any retailers, couples using our cash gift list can collect contributions towards a gift from friends all over the world to spend when and where they like.

If you’re getting married and you want an alternative gift list, make it happen here.

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