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The Brockie: Funding the School Magazine

by Rosie Hurwitz
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Two years ago, following a call from her children’s primary for more parent-led activities, Bibi started Gordonbrock School’s magazine club. At the first meeting, the children came up with the title, The Brockie, and the following weeks were spent putting together the first issue.

The kids were hugely enthusiastic right from the start and they’ve never had a shortage of ideas and contributions. The Brockie is bursting with artwork, competitions, stories, jokes and cartoons.

But there was a snag: how to fund the school magazine. Bibi discovered it wasn’t cheap to produce five hundred copies of a colour magazine. The school’s parent association helped with the first two, but with the third relying entirely on donations, Bibi looked around for a creative way to ask for the money.

the brockie magazine

Happily, this is where we came in. “Patchwork saved the day. Thanks to this great gift-giving site, we had a focal point for everyone who wished to help fund the school magazine. Donors could give as much or as little as they wanted, knowing that it was going directly to The Brockie, and in a very short while we raised every penny we needed.”

Bibi says our site worked perfectly for what she needed and can’t recommend Patchwork highly enough, especially when it comes to gathering together funds for community projects and good causes.

She’s hugely grateful to everyone who contributed and helped the kids see their work in print.

Brilliant, thank you Bibi. We’re so pleased we could help.

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