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The Perfect Relaxing Gift: A Spa Day

by Rosie Hurwitz
Patchwork Spa Trip Fund

Rosie, her husband and four kids recently moved from the UK to Mauritius. It was Rosie’s birthday two weeks after she arrived in this Indian Ocean paradise. But having been surrounded by boxes and packing crates, with four kids to look after and a whole house to make a home, she hadn’t had much time to sit back, relax and take it all in.

So her family in the UK got together to pay for the perfect gift – a relaxing day at a spa complete with pedicure, massage, a healthy lunch and a few glasses of wine.

‘It was a really thoughtful surprise gift, lovely to read everyones gift messages and to hear how happy they were to contribute towards something that they knew I would really enjoy.

Patchwork Spa Day Fund

I think it was the thought of having a luxurious day all to myself that got me through unpacking our lives (all 6 of them) and settling everyone in to their new life in Mauritius. It took me a while to actually book the spa day at a local hotel but it was definitely worth the wait.”

Patchwork is the perfect platform to organise a gift for someone you love living far away. No packing, no stamps, no last minute panic. Just an easy way for everyone to contribute cash towards one special gift or experience.

Well done Rosie. Thanks for sharing your story. Nice to see your feet up!

If you’re inspired to give someone the gift of a relaxing spa day, you can customise our spa day patchwork or create your own from scratch.

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