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The ‘Ultimate Honeymoon’: Gregg & Dan’s Australian Adventure

by Rosie Hurwitz

After being together for 17 years, moving up north, and buying a house together, Gregg and Dan finally decided it was the right time to get hitched.They planned a grand city wedding in Leeds Town Hall, followed by a gorgeous reception in ‘The Tiled Hall’ in Leeds Art Gallery.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund

When it came to their gift list, the couple knew they wanted to collect money to put towards something special.“We chose Patchwork as we’d been together for so long, we had everything we needed at home, so thought it would be great to get cash towards something big.”Gregg liked the idea of being creative with their gift list, so had fun designing a patchwork full of little pictures of the ultimate honeymoon – a once in a lifetime Australian adventure.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Australia

“The honeymoon planning was almost as big as planning the wedding, as we wanted to travel right across the country. We created a patchwork from different gifts such as pints of Victoria Bitter and cocktails, trips to Australia Zoo, evening meals and even a boat trip to the Barrier Reef.”After collecting all of their gift money, Dan and Gregg boarded the plane and were able to start enjoying their presents straight away.“It was so exciting setting off on our adventure, and so great to know we had been bought so many of the experiences we were looking forward to. One of our patchwork presents was champagne for the flight – it was so popular we were bought four! Unfortunately we were not able (or willing) to drink four bottles there and then, but because we had the cash we could put it towards drinks when we touched down in Oz.”The couple’s friends loved the idea of Patchwork – clubbing together to buy them all sorts of incredible experiences, from bird watching in the Blue Mountains, to that epic Great Barrier Reef trip.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Australia

Gregg and Dan say they’d recommend their trip to anyone wondering where to go on their honeymoon – “A trip to Australia has got to be the ultimate honeymoon! Lots of time on the beautiful beaches, enjoying the great outdoors, but also exploring the cities. And for the gay traveller Sydney is a fantastic place to stay and have a great night out!”

Thank you both so much for sharing your story, and a huge congratulations from all of us at Patchwork.

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