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Top 10 wedding gift list ideas 2021

by Rosie Hurwitz
woman painting a piece of art on canvas up against the wall

Want to set up a wedding gift registry but don’t want traditional gifts? Also not sure about post-Covid travel restrictions? Like most couples you’d probably rather ask for cash as a wedding gift and put it towards something you’d really love. Here’s the top ten wedding gift list ideas Patchwork couples are asking guests to chip in to via their cash gift lists this year. We promise you won’t find these on an Amazon wedding registry!

view of mountains from back window of camper van

1. A campervan

The great thing about being gifted a campervan on your wedding gift registry is it puts you in control of the when and where of your honeymoon travel! It is the ultimate wedding gift for flexible, spontaneous getaways. And is just what we all need right now. Just think, throwing your stuff in the van at a moment’s notice and heading off for a weekend of adventure – it is the dream.

A whole year of mini-moons perhaps? Whether you decide to staycation in your local area or head across Europe. The options to explore new places together are endless. And there’s nothing more exciting than heading off on the open road. Firstly, just pack some good music, then plenty of snacks and a of course a sense of adventure! And of course, your four legged friend can join you too.

First, you set up a campervan Patchwork gift registry. Next, show your friends and family the campervan of dreams that they can help fund piece by piece. Whether it’s a glow up of the interior, putting some petrol in the tank or chipping in towards some cosy bedding, everyone can choose how to help.

You can even add non-financial gifts. For example, invite people to give you tips on great places to visit or add some road trip songs to your playlist!

Best of all, Patchwork doesn’t hold your funds. This means you can put down a deposit on your dream campervan as you receive the cash gifts. Soon your guests will be waving you off on the road trip of your dreams. And you can send pics via your Patchwork account to say thanks for helping you on your way!

A Patchwork art fund wedding registry in an ipad

2. A piece of art

If this year has taught us anything it’s the importance of making our homes beautiful spaces to relax and unwind in. You possibly have all the toasters, towels and mugs you’ll ever need. However, a unique piece of art isn’t something you can treat yourselves to every day. Inviting guests to contribute towards an artwork that will take pride of place in your home is a special wedding gift that will remind you of your loved ones every time you look at it.

Whether it’s oil, acrylic or pastels, a timeless classic, or something contemporary – a piece of art is a very personal gift that will bring happy memories and give joy for many years to come. We usually think of art as something to hang on a wall inside but another option is to look at adding a garden sculpture to your wedding gift list. In addition, we’ve also seen a lot of couples commission work from local artists. This a lovely way to support creative businesses especially after the tough year so many people have had. So this really is a unique wedding gift that gives back in many ways.

Kitchen sink with shelf above with jars of spice and herbs

3. A home makeover project

Staying on the home theme, we’re seeing loads of Patchwork couples thinking about giving a room in their house a refresh and setting up a home project gift list. If travel isn’t an option for you and you already have all the household items you need, what about setting up a wedding gift registry to invite guests to chip in towards a mini makeover project instead?

A bathroom or kitchen makeover is always popular. There’s no limit to the things you can ask friends and family to fund. An hour of a plumber’s time? A contribution towards that fridge you’ve had your eye on? Or perhaps a tile or 10?

If you want to add some gifts that are non-financial – you can! Once restrictions allow, you can invite mates to come and help you. They can get a few coats of ‘Brave Ground’ on the walls (that’s the aptly named Dulux colour of the year 2021). The best bit about a kitchen or bathroom Patchwork gift registry is that you can invite your guests to come and enjoy it too (when we can finally do that exciting thing called “having friends round”!)

Patchwork wedding registry "A Year of Dates" in iPad

4. A year of dates

This is a brilliant idea and will ensure you’ll have a year of exciting adventures closer to home if a honeymoon isn’t possible just yet. One of our most popular Patchwork gift registry templates is our Year of Dates Gift List.

Friends and family can treat you to date nights and other fun experiences as a couple in and around your local area. Want to try out that new restaurant or bar? Visit new galleries and exhibitions? Or enjoy a bit of live music, a massage, or just shop for a picnic at your local deli? With a little help from your family and friends you can enjoy a year of fun experiences.

It will create brilliant memories of your first year of marriage and of course help out local shops and services too. Some of our favourite ideas to include are a wine tasting date, a comedy club night, a night away by the sea and of course lots and lots of cocktails and coffee dates!

Autumn woodland scene

5. National Trust lifetime membership

If you love nothing more than spending your weekends pottering about country houses and gardens, a National Trust Lifetime Membership is the perfect wedding gift.

Set up a Patchwork gift registry and invite friends and family to treat you to a lifetime of historic houses, beautiful gardens and woodland walks. And don’t forget the cream teas! It give you a lifetime of countryside adventures, castle visits and happy memories. And the money contributed via your Patchwork wedding gift list will also go towards helping the National Trust keep these places special forever, for everyone.

A garden renovation patchwork wedding registry in an iPad

6. A garden project

Right now seems like the perfect time to set up a Patchwork wedding registry for a garden project. There’s been a huge increase in couples wanting to spend time and money on their gardens. Largely thanks to lockdown and the comfort of watching Monty and the gang!

It’s the perfect gift for family and friends to chip in to especially as soon they’ll be able to enjoy it with you! So all that’s left to decide is what type of wedding garden project you’ll go for. If you’re passionate about sustainability you could get a vegetable patch going so you can eat home grown produce.

If entertaining is your thing, what about an outdoor seating area complete with fire pit, bespoke bar and solar lighting? Even if you don’t have a garden you could have a revamp of your terrace or balcony area. Invite friends to chip in to an allotment rental. You can ask for help to kit you out with all the tools that you’ll need to grow your own for years to come. Whatever outdoor space you have, make the most of it. A Patchwork wedding registry gift helps you collect money towards your dream retreat at home.

apricot cockapoo puppy being held in arms

7. A rescue dog

Has it always been a lifelong dream to give a dog a loving home? With Patchwork you can set up an online wedding list and invite your guests to help you fund a rescue pup. Even if you’re not buying a dog, there are a lot of expenses that come with owning a four legged friend. Your family and friends can help by visiting your Patchwork wedding registry and choosing whether they’d like to contribute towards a year’s worth of food or those inevitable vet’s bills. Or maybe they’d prefer to fund the ‘fun’ stuff? A new cosy bed, some squeaky toys, or a personalised collar perhaps.

You can even add a charitable donation to your Patchwork wedding gift list and continue to support the rescue centre your four legged friend came from. Whatever they choose to help you with, they’ll be super happy to know that in contributing to your wedding gift list they are helping a dog find a loving forever home. And they’d probably love to join you both and your pup on adventures in the years to come!

table set for lunch showing plates of food and drinks

8. A dining table made for friends

What better way to celebrate finally being able to have friends round than to host them around a beautiful handcrafted dining table? Set up a Patchwork wedding registry for a new dining table. Then share with your friends and family and look forward to having a dining table that you’ll cherish forever. There’s no greater joy than a beautiful and sustainably made piece of furniture. It will be at the heart of your home for a lifetime. And be the centre of shared memories, good food and joy-filled celebrations.

Not sure where you’ll buy your table? The best wedding registry is one that allows you to spend your gift money where and when you like. The Patchwork wedding registry has no ties to retailers and you can access to your funds straight away.

ginger cat lying on cosy looking neutral bed showing wedding registry staycation

9. Post wedding staycation treats

Treat yourselves to the ultimate staycation by setting up a Patchwork staycation wedding gift list. Fill your page with those treats that will turn time at home in to a completely luxurious experience. We’ve seen many couples rethink all their honeymoon plans and instead focus on the one certainty – time at home! With a little imagination and the generosity of family and friends you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to leave.

Some of the best suggestions we’ve seen this year for an online wedding gift list include: A yearly Netflix subscription for cosy nights in; take aways from your favourite restaurants; luxury bedlinen for that 5 star feeling; home spa treatments; magazine subscriptions; cocktail nights at home; a monthly flower delivery; a cheese subscription box.

What would you add to your Staycation wedding wish list?

sheep standing in field looking at camera

10. A flock of sheep

Well, we’ve not seen these on a John Lewis wedding gift list. Yes we really did have a couple who asked their family and friends to fund a flock of sheep on their Patchwork wedding gift registry! They had their eye on a very specific breed of pedigree sheep called Valais blacknose to join them on their smallholding in Scotland. They even had names picked out: Edith, Agnes and Frances. If sheep aren’t your thing you could ask for chickens, bees or a pony on your wedding list website instead.

Don’t forget, you can also combine your wedding gifts and experiences with a charity gift list. You can invite wedding guests to support your favourite causes. Which just goes to show that with a Patchwork wedding registry you really can fund absolutely anything you’re dreaming of.

So there they are – 2021 most wanted wedding gifts from Patchwork couples in the know. Feeling inspired to create your own non-travel, toaster and towel free Patchwork wedding registry? Join the thousands of couples that have. Even ex Prezola employees use Patchwork wedding registry!

It couldn’t be easier to start creating your marriage gift list, filled with all the things that make you happy. Browse our readymade templates for more ideas or let your imagination run wild and start your own wedding gift list from scratch.

Need help? Give us a ring on +44 7547 439 805 or drop us a line at hello@patchworkit.com – we’d love to hear from you and share our top tips for how to create the best wedding gift list!

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