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Top 5 Kids’ Birthday Gifts 2021

by Rosie Hurwitz
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We’ve been having a peek at what kids birthday gifts are being planned for this year on Patchwork and it looks like good things are coming your way kids! Every child has that one big gift they’d love to have. But, sometimes these more expensive children’s presents or experiences are a bit of a stretch for parents or carers alone.

With Patchwork however, dreams really CAN come true with a little help from wider family and friends! Set up a Patchwork page and invite people to chip in towards one really wanted kids birthday gift. So much better than ending up with lots of smaller presents that aren’t wanted and will end up in a cupboard gathering dust. So let’s take a look at the best kid’s birthday gift ideas in 2021.

SLR manual camera on green background
Traditional style camera

1. A proper camera

Not a phone camera, but a proper camera. For lots of children and teens, living in lockdown for the best part of a year has meant they’ve had more time to look around them. Whether it’s the changing seasons in the park, or day to day family life, capturing experiences on camera and keeping a kind of ‘photo diary’ has become popular. It’s sparked a broader interest in photography. Hopefully as the year goes on and restrictions lift there will be more and more ‘material’ available to photograph. Parties, holidays and adventures await and so now is a great time to invest in a good camera as a kids birthday gift so they can record all the fun times ahead. Something waterproof and shockproof sounds perfect!

This is a great group gift to set up a Patchwork for and invite everyone to contribute towards. After receiving their gift, the birthday girl or birthday boy can show everyone how their hobby is coming along with regular photography updates. You can add patches to your Patchwork gift page from as little as £1 up to £500 so everyone can chip in what they can afford. Plus they can leave a gift message for the birthday boy or girl too.

Trampoline Patchwork birthday gift page shown in an iPad

2. A trampoline

With too much time cooped up at home in front of screens and after a very long winter, we are all feeling like the kids need to get outside more. Uncertainty remains over when sports and activities can return to normal. So it seems like a good plan to cover all eventualities and get the biggest trampoline for whatever outside space you have! A trampoline is a great kids birthday gift to get everyone to chip in to. And (according to our sources) is the most used piece of equipment they have ever bought! Apparently if you get one large enough, the big kids of the house REALLY enjoy themselves with this gift once the small people have gone to bed.

kids room decor items in blue, grey, mustard

3. A bedroom makeover

This is a really great one and something we’ve seen more and more of in recent months for obvious reasons! Giving their bedroom a refresh is a great way for kids to express their style and personality in their own space. It’s also the perfect group gift. You can ask for cash contributions towards things like a desk, new bedlinen, or a roll of wallpaper. Even better, you can also invite people to contribute their time and skills too. Maybe you have a relative who might be able to build a shelf unit? Or ask a friend to sew a cushion cover, knit a blanket or design some artwork for the walls? Perhaps you’ve got someone who can help with the planning and design or come over for an hour or two to help decorate.

This group gift idea is Patchwork at its best. It brings everyone together. Using their resources and skills in the ways that suit them best and brings a dream bedroom project to life!

Kids bike Patchwork birthday gift page shown in an iPad

4. A set of wheels

Again, with the changes that childrens’ lives have undergone in the last year this one is no surprise. They may not be old enough to get behind the wheel yet. But giving them their own bike, scooter or even a set of roller skates or a push along toy gets them outside. It gives them independence and confidence and of course – most importantly – gets them off their screens!

Some sets of wheels can have pretty big price tags, so it makes sense to invite friends and family to chip in via a Patchwork gift page and let everyone contribute a little bit. In this way an expensive children’s gift becomes affordable. For example you can add patches to your page so that someone can purchase the bike bell for £5, someone else can buy the saddle for £40 and another a wheel for £20. Friends and family will be thrilled to know they are buying something really wanted. And, even better, buying the dream gift doesn’t involve a trip to the shops!

close up image of lego figures

5. A big lego set

Lego is the classic child’s birthday gift and a toy that never wears out or goes out of fashion. There’s simple duplo for the little ones, to 7,000+ piece masterpieces for budding architects and creator experts. Lego has something for everyone of every age. Our very own Manu was one of the first Patchwork kids to ask for a big lego set. Manu put a Palpatine’s Arrest set on his Patchwork birthday wish list. Star Wars lego has been popular on Patchwork from the beginning. But with Lego covering every interest from Harry Potter to Bonsai trees there’s something for everyone.

You can use our readymade template to get started or set up your own Patchwork gift page from scratch. Then family and friends can choose to contribute towards the best kids gift that’s really wanted and appreciated, which is good for all involved and for the planet too!

Patchwork lego birthday gift page shown in an iPad

Ready to set up your birthday Patchwork page?

It’s super quick and simple to set up your Patchwork child’s birthday gift page. You can start a page from scratch or use one of our easy to customise templates. Simply edit the images and text with your child’s gift or birthday experience ideas, add your personal details and link a payment method. That’s it – you’re done and it’s ready to share. When people arrive at your birthday Patchwork they can see the things your child is dreaming of. Then choose which elements of the present they’d like to contribute towards.

Payments are made directly to you into your Paypal or your bank account via Stripe. So you and your child can choose when, where and how to spend the birthday gift money you receive. You can also send thanks and a photo of your child enjoying their birthday present to everyone who chipped in via your Patchwork dashboard!

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