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Unbiased Reviews – Best Wedding Gift List

by Rosie Hurwitz
Image of a positive review of Patchwork Wedding Gift List

“Patchwork is a beautiful way to ask for what you want!” Ines

We think Patchwork is the best wedding gift list and honeymoon fund for a few reasons. But don’t listen to us. Like all parents, we’re obviously biased. Listen instead to the people that use our platform and are spontaneously inspired to leave reviews describing our gift list and honeymoon fund service as a ‘gem’, a ‘joy’ and a ‘delight’ and to tell us they are ‘in awe’ . These are quotes from strangers reviewing a piece of technology, not proud parents describing their first born. So, as much as we can tell you why we’re the best, the lovely people who have actually used our honeymoon fund and wedding gift list tell it better. So here are their unbiased reviews, describing what we do and why they are so happy to recommend us, in their own words:

“Patchwork has been an absolute gem of a find for us! As a registry it delivers everything that we were after, in a format that’s both fun and friendly for our guests, and having looked around (extensively!) for alternatives none of them were able to give the versatility and ease of use that this site could. It was super-easy and intuitive to use and when we had queries the friendly staff were on hand to help immediately.” Review by James & Katie

What is a honeymoon fund and how is it different from a traditional gift list?

A honeymoon fund is perfect for couples who don’t need traditional gifts but would like to offer guests the chance to contribute money towards a honeymoon instead. With a Patchwork honeymoon fund, you collect all cash contributions direct, and can show guests your plans with an online “patchwork” of images representing all the things you’d like to do. Guests can choose which piece they’d like to treat you to.

“We were struggling to find a collective pot for our Honeymoon contributions and really did not want to ‘ask’ for money from our wedding guests. Patchwork appealed to us as you can bespoke the donation amounts, and make the group of images related to the honeymoon theme. We were able to make a patchwork of all holiday elements that we would like money for.” Review by Charlene

“Fantastic way to enable people to visualise and contribute towards your honeymoon, I feel this was much nicer than asking for cash. Patchwork is easy to use, and we’re very happy with the level of service and Patchwork itself!” Review by Natalie

“We have really enjoyed the whole process of using Patchwork to put together our wedding list. The website is very clear and easy to use and all our questions and inquiries have been responded to swiftly, personally and incredibly helpfully. We have been so impressed with the whole concept and how it works and would recommend Patchwork to all our friends.” Review by Jessica

“Patchwork made it really easy and fun to put together our Honeymoon contribution list, and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to start hearing our guests comment on it. Highly recommend.” Review by Heidi

“Only just done the setup so far but it’s made me very excited about my upcoming honeymoon! It’s so nice to be able to ask friends and family for gifts rather than just give them bank account details!” Review by Abigail

Why should we set up an alternative gift registry?

A Patchwork wedding gift list lets you ask friends and family for money towards absolutely anything, whether it’s dinner at your favourite restaurant, a piece of art, or contributions towards a new sofa. You can also ask for friends to give their time and skill instead of money. For example friends could gift you their skills to help with a DIY project, take time to cook you dinner to celebrate your marriage or promise to DJ at your wedding reception.

“Easy to create your own patchwork based on a template. Yes, this was the solution to our wedding gift ‘problem’. Thanks” Review by Klaus & Silvia

“Patchwork was a brilliant solution to me and my finance’s problem; wanting to request money for experiences rather than having a set gift list. Patchwork was really good, easy and intuitive to use. It was fun to set up and add our own photos too!” Review by Sophie

“WOW! We love Patchwork…what a great concept that has been extremely well executed by a very helpful and friendly team. We set up our Patchwork site as a way of having our friends and family contribute towards our plans to transform our garden – in celebration of our wedding! ” Review by Charlie & Liberty

“Amazing amazing amazing! Loved this service so much! Such a great website concept. Really speedy customer service replies when I needed any help but it was actually super easy to use! We simply love it! Thanks Team Patchwork!” Review by Jon & Laura

How does it work? How do I set up my Patchwork registry?

When you set up your Patchwork registry all contributions go direct to you via our payment partners Stripe and/or PayPal. It only takes a few minutes to set up a page using one of our readymade templates – or you can get creative and start your own from scratch! Then simply share your page with friends via email or with a link in your wedding invites.

“The site was so easy to setup and use. It has great templates and ‘stock’ images to get you started plus we found it very easy to upload our own photos to compliment these, with each picture representing a key component of our plans.” Review by Charlie & Liberty

“This website is amazing! We found it at a wedding fair and it was exactly what we were looking for! The fact you can design it all yourself and choose how much you want people to contribute, even as little as £5 was what really swung it for us. It’s very easy to use even for a tech novice.” Review by Kathryn

“Oh my goodness I just love how my honeymoon page has turned out. It is so cute and the templates were an amazing help to get me started.” Review by Megan

“Great idea, beautifully executed! The pages are easy to build and for guests to use. The whole package has been thoughtfully designed.” Review by Becky & Oli

What will my friends and family think?

People love to find out more about your interests and see what your plans are for your wedding, honeymoon and your married life beyond. A Patchwork gift list is visual and engaging, which guests love, and they will be delighted to know that the gift they are giving is so wanted, needed and appreciated. Because it’s online, and payment is fast and secure, there’s no traipsing round shops or filling in long forms, and no risk of money going astray. Here’s what friends and family think:

“It has never been easier to make someone happy.” Review by Jan Christoph

“What a brilliant idea! It enabled us to learn about the dreams and wishes of the happy couple, and share in their beautiful journey with them. So inspiring and a wonderful way to feel part of it all, whilst gift giving. Well done Patchwork!” Review by Dorothy

“What a great unique idea from Patchwork! It makes gifts so much more personal. Loved the experience and will recommend to friends and family.” Review by Anil

“It couldn’t have been any simpler, easier or clearer to use and it was fun, well done Patchwork.” Review by Fiona

“Love using Patchwork Gift Registry. Giving towards something a loved one really wants. And you make it so easy to do payments. Great Job Patchwork!!!” Review by Michael & Zelna

“Easy to use and also fun. Being a technophobe I found it a delight.” Review by Carol

“Absolutely nothing beats this. I’m in awe.” Review by Tom

“Thanks for creating a really engaging, inspiring and beautiful website and for making it a very good user experience.” Review by Matt & Hazel

“Once we’d launched the site and shared the link with friends and family we received nothing but positive feedback about how unusual, refreshing and inventive the concept was – it’s great that it’s such a freeform platform. It really is perfect for weddings – a way of distinguishing your event given how hard it is to stand out now.” Review by Charlie & Liberty

“We’ve used Patchwork for our honeymoon registry and have had so much positive feedback regarding it. It’s been super useful and looks great, and it’s been easy to collect gifts from our wedding guests. Patchwork have also been at the end of every email and have dealt with everything really quickly. Thanks! Will use again!” Review by Matt & Kris

How much does it cost?

There is no set up fee to use Patchwork, and if you are using the service to ask friends and family to “make” or “do” something – it’s completely free to use. We only take a 3.6% commission on cash contributed via your page, so if you don’t collect any money we don’t either! Our payment partners Stripe and PayPal charge their own small commissions to process payments. You can read all about our clear and fair fee structure here. On average couples using Patchwork collect 30% more than those simply asking for money, and they save everyone the awkwardness and security concerns around giving cash gifts.

“These were also the best rates that we could find – no hidden fees, and what you read in the T’s & C’s is all you’re charged, unlike another couple of sites we had initially looked into. We honestly can’t recommend Patchwork highly enough.” Review by James & Katie

“So easy to create and no set up fee. Brilliant and just in time for us to now add the link to our wedding invites – thank you Patchwork!!!!” Review by Charlene

Design, style and UX are important to us – how will our Patchwork page look?

Patchwork offers clean, fresh design for your wedding gift list. Well thought out UX means you can create a gorgeous and super stylish page in minutes that looks professional, whilst still being unique to you. Our templates mean you don’t have to spend hours curating your list, although if this is your idea of fun – go for it and start your page totally from scratch!

“Surely the best idea for a wedding gift registry! Very versatile and aesthetically pleasing!” Review by Pavlos & Eleni

“So far we are really impressed with it. Its the best looking and most appropriate crowd gifting site we have seen. And very easy to use. I only found it after searching extensively on Google. It should be easier to find!!” Review by Mandy

“Absolutely amazing website, so easy to use and navigate across. Really able to make it your own, add your own photos or use the website gallery.” Review by Tiffaney

“Easy and super stylish. After trying loads of different options it was an obvious choice for our family-moon fund.” Review by Nikki

“We really enjoyed setting up our Patchwork. The choice of imagery is great and the UX is intuitive. Playing with the design was really enjoyable.” Review by Kat

“Really easy to use website, makes your page look great without any technical requirement. The staff are fantastically friendly and respond really promptly to questions.” Review by Kieran

We want great customer service and a smooth payment process – is Patchwork right for us?

Responsive, pro-active and friendly customer service is always our very top priority and our choice of payment partners means you can choose which service suits you best.

“Very attractive, user-friendly site with fabulous backup – a very quick response to all our enquiries. Highly recommend this.” Review by Kim

“Straightforward and easy to use. Great customer support and payment integration with Stripe.” Review by Andy

“This service was an absolute godsend in trying to organise and fund a wedding – the customer service was super quick and really helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Patchwork to anyone planning an event.” Review by Ciara

“Wow, who knew getting married was so easy. Patchwork seem to have thought of everything and have made it so simple to see the gift selection, to pay for a gift and to leave a message. Why choose anyone else, choose the best, choose Patchwork.” Review by Henry

So, there you have it – straight from our users, the people who found us, loved us and have recommended us to their friends. Want to try Patchwork wedding gift list and honeymoon fund yourself? We have 100s of stylish templates for you to personalise, a friendly team on hand to help, and plenty of tips and advice for making your gift list a success. We are so sure you’ll love us too that we guarantee to waive our fee if you’re not 100% happy with our service.

Oh and before we go, the last word goes to Rod who says Patchwork is: “More fun than the John Lewis wedding list.”

We have used independent review site reviews.co.uk to collect independent, honest reviews from our users and their guests. We have an optimum star rating of 4.75* (compared to 4.5* for Prezola, and The Wedding Shop, and 4.4* for Honeyfund). You can read all of the brilliant reviews above (and more) at reviews.co.uk – and see why 95% of Patchwork users recommend us to their friends.

So now you know all about us – start your patchwork today and make your dreams a reality!

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