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Support VOW for Girls to end child marriage

by Rosie Hurwitz
Graphic from VOW for Girls campaign with text reading "Stop the clock. Start a new future for girls." On red background with image of teenage black girl on left hand side

Every 3 seconds, a child becomes a bride. Stop the clock. Start a new future for girls. Patchwork are proud to be supporting VOW for Girls, a growing global movement that partners with brands, individuals, and the wedding industry to end the international child marriage crisis. Read on to find out how you can help.

Graphic from VOW for Girls campaign with text reading "every three seconds a child becomes a bride." On green background

Every Three Seconds

This year, International Day Of the Girl on October 11th is more important than ever. Child marriage is still a crisis, with girls as young as 8 being married every 3 seconds. Join us for International Day of the Girl as we raise funds and awareness to ensure no child is ever a bride.

“Every girl should be able to choose love on her own terms. VOW for Girls was inspired by love and working together. We can create a world in which no child is ever a bride.” Mabel van Oranje. Board Chair and VOW Co-Founder.

Graphic from VOW for Girls campaign with text reading "Girls everywhere deserve to dream." On pink background with two images of girls to either side

Girls Everywhere Deserve to Dream

We dream of a future where girls everywhere have a chance to choose the life they want. Let’s end the child marriage crisis and give girls around the world the support they need to succeed. By funding education so girls can stay in school is just one way WOW for Girls is helping end the child marriage crisis. Whatever the amount, your gift makes a direct impact on the lives of girls across the globe. £35 can pay the enrolment fees for a girl to attend school for one year.

Graphic from VOW for Girls campaign with text reading "A girl who gets an education can live her life easily everywhere and can make her future bright." On pink background with image of girl on left hand side


For International Day of the Girl, VOW for Girls asked girls from countries where child marriage is prevalent, “What makes a girl successful?” Mina from Nepal told them, “Education is a must. “VOW for Girls works with girls like Mina in communities around the world through education initiatives and other efforts that help girls realise their dreams. Together we can stop the clock on child marriage.

A Patchwork "Give List" wedding registry displayed in an ipad

Your wedding day can make a big difference

1 in 5 girls in the world is married as a child. VOW was founded on the idea that celebrations of love can help make real change in the lives of girls around the world. If you’re planning a wedding you’ll probably have friends and family who want to gift you.

With Patchwork you can collect money for anything you’re dreaming of, including donations to good causes such as VOW. First, simply add a “fund” patch to your gift registry. Second, after all contributions have been collected, make your donation to VOW. This will help change girls’ lives in the most meaningful way. See our Wedding Give List template to set up your own unique wedding “give” list.

How to participate in the social media photo campaign

Between 4th – 11th October 2021 we’re asking you to join us and take part in the International Day of the Girl Campaign with VOW for Girls.

Step 1: Post a single Instagram post with a 2 photo carousel

  • Photo 1 – Post a photo of yourself as a child (or short video response to the prompt below)
  • Photo 2 – A “stop” hand selfie (see posing guide below)

Step 2: Respond to the prompt either in the caption or as a short video: What was your dream for your future when you were a child? Feel free to mention the age you are in the photo you are posting!

Step 3: Include this caption:

‘Every 3 seconds a child becomes a bride, but all girls deserve the chance to dream’. For #DayOfTheGirl, let’s stop the clock and start a new future for girls. I nominate [@instagramhandle] to #StopTheClock. For every like, comment, and share, you will unlock $1 from @justinalexander, @theknot, and a generous donor (up to $100K) to help start a new future for girls everywhere. #VOWForGirls #StopTheClock #EndChildMarriage’

(Make sure to use the hashtags #VOWForGirls, #DayOfTheGirl, and #StopTheClock and to tag @vowforgirls across social media channels.)

Justin Alexander, The Knot (a generous donor up to $100K), will unlock $1 for every like, comment and share. This makes your participation is even more meaningful. In addition, 100% of all funds raised go directly to underfunded but effective community-driven efforts to end child marriage.

Guide to posting selfies on VOW social media campaign

Thank you. Through your participation and advocacy, you’ll help us “Stop the Clock” on child marriage and ensure that every girl can choose love on her own terms and follow her dreams.

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