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A waste-free joy-filled way to celebrate Christmas

by Ismay Ozga
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’tis the season to be jolly – and therefore ’tis the season of gift-giving too. As a platform founded on the joy of giving gifts, you’d be absolutely right in thinking we bloomin’ love this time of year. More specifically, Patchwork’s mission is to encourage gift-giving that is creative, collective and resourceful. Therefore, we’re really excited to launch a revolutionised way of looking at gift-giving that ticks all those boxes. We present to you: The Give List! It’s a waste free and joy filled way to celebrate Christmas.

Give List – the gift of joy this Christmas

The Give List is something Rosie’s 8-year-old Bo created. We loved it so much we decided to make it a thing. The idea is that in lieu of a classic, bullet-pointed, straight-to-cart Christmas shopping list where people buy you physical gifts. Our users are instead creating a Give List. This allows friends and family to give the gift of kindness, connection, learning and love instead. Take a look at Bo’s for inspiration.

Bo’s Father Christmas Letter

Creating a Patchwork Give List allows you to invite family and friends to ‘Fund, Make and Do’ things that you (and the planet) will really appreciate. Including a ‘DO’ patch in your Patchwork Give List is a way to ask people to share an experience with you. For example, going on a coffee date or going to an exhibition you’ve wanted to go to for ages. Or you could invite family to DO something. For example, gifting you some cuttings from their house plants so you can grow your own in the new year.

Adding a ‘MAKE’ patch (you guessed it) encourages people to make you a present. You could ask for delicious eggnog brownies, knitted bed socks or a painting (from a famous family artist or a keen kid). You can also set up a few FUND patches. People can contribute towards a much wanted gift or help fund a personal project. The things you ask family to fund, make and do are totally up to you. Set up your Give List.

Image of an iPad featuring a Give List patchwork on a pink background

Waste-free Christmas gifts

Of course one of the brilliant things about setting up a Patchwork Give List is that it reduces unnecessary waste. No unwanted presents sitting sadly in a pile until January when, in a bid to start afresh, you give – or, worse, throw – them away. Gifting people things and experiences that can’t be discarded means they’re even more enjoyable. You are creating memories that last forever rather than stuff that ends up in landfill.

There could be a bigger, potentially more expensive gift or experience that you’d like to ask for for Christmas. However, you could never dream of asking someone to buy it on their own. This way your pals and family can collectively contribute towards it.

They can each fund a piece of it, with all these pieces building up (yep you guessed it, like a beautiful patchwork) to fund that one thing you really want. Imagine how lovely it would be to do that cooking, coding, circus training or wine tasting course you’ve always wanted to do. Or buy that brand new bike or the laptop you need. Knowing it’s been made possible by the love and support of all your nearest and dearest.

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Giving to good causes this Christmas

Another reason we love waste free Christmas Give Lists is because it helps you mobilise people towards a cause you really care about. If there’s something close to your heart that you’d like to support this Christmas, you can add a ‘fund’ patch to collect money from family that you can donate to a cause. This year Bo is asking for gift money so she can go to the shops and buy things for her local Food bank.

Image of an iPad featuring a Give List patchwork on a green background

We love Give Lists for so many reasons; they’re an innovative, refreshed look at a tired old problem; they promote kindness and joy, which is what we’re all about at Patchwork; it can bring people together and foster a sense of community; and help people save money and they reduce waste. What’s not to love?

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