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Wedding Cake Inspiration That Takes The Biscuit

by Ismay Ozga

If wedding cake immediately makes you think of dry old sponge, dusty fondant and boring flavours, don’t fret! We’re here to blow your mind with some super inspiration wedding cake ideas. Warning, they make you want to lick your screen! And whilst they all look undeniably fantastic, flavour is also a major consideration when choosing a wedding cake. With that in mind, we take our jobs as cake recommenders SUPER seriously. Therefore, we’ve tasted every single one of these maker’s cakes and can confirm they taste just as good as they look. Pinky swear!

A.R.D Bakery’s Geometric Wedding Cakes

Yep, these are real cakes – can you believe?! Alison from A.R.D Bakery wanted to combine her family’s famed passion for baking with her inspirations and experience working in the high-end fashion world. Therefore, the result was these incredible geometric cake designs. They are inspired by The Memphis Group, these colourful wedding cakes structural masterpieces finished with stunning patterns and hand-painted chocolates. Just imagine one of these incredible designs as a focal point at your reception – amazing!

Maid of Gingerbread’s Biscuit Wedding Cake

If you’re a biscuit fiend first and foremost like our founder Liv, this Maid of Gingerbread alternative wedding cake is your dream. With these cakes, each tier is decorated with a different classic biscuit, including Party Rings and Jammie Dodgers, to provide a mouth-watering masterpiece. You can even have a biscuit cake-topper to finish – what could actually be better?! In addition, you almost forget that there’s delicious cake inside those biscuity layers. But believe us, there is – it’s the cake that just keeps on giving.

Isobel Bakes’ Buttercream Dream Cakes

No-one does painterly cake perfection like Isobel Bakes. Her incredible buttercream creations look like works of art. Whether that’s semi-naked rustic cakes piled high with peaches and peonies or colour-pop tiered delights adorned with brushstrokes worthy of Pollock himself. Also, we personally attest to her banana and Nutella flavour. It’s maybe one of the most delicious things we’ve ever tasted…

Wildflower Bakery’s Minimalist Floral Cakes

It’s weird to say that a cake makes you feel calm and complete. But that’s exactly how Wildflower Bakery‘s affect us. The perfect buttercream texture, the vanilla flecks, the little crown of icing, the beautifully placed blooms. These are cakes at their very, very finest.

Alice and Rosa’s Architectural Floral Wedding Cakes

We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen cakes like Alice and Rosa‘s, and we’re also willing to bet your life’s significantly improved now that you have. Caro creates incredible cakes that combine structural, architectural elements with the most intricate piping detailing to create her showstoppers; our faves are her floral designs, with hand-crafted 3D floral elements that have totally reinvented the floral cake scene.

Claire Owen’s Beaded Beauty Wedding Cakes

There’s only one explanation for it: Claire Owen is a wizard. An incredible cake wizard who’s able to perfectly place hundreds of teeny tiny sugar pearl beads on a wedding cake to make it look as gorgeous and opulent and fun as this. What a dream!

Now your cake is sorted, it’s time to dream even bigger and make plans for an amazing future together. So whether it’s a piece of art, a DIY project, or your honeymoon, with a Patchwork registry your wedding guests can contribute towards your dream – with money, time and skills.

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