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The Wedding Enthusiast’s 5 Details To Make a Big Impression

by Ismay Ozga

We’ve been thinking about how you can make a real impression on your big day with little details. And we thought who better to ask for some tips on the subject than our friend Ellie. You may know of Ellie as the Wedding Enthusiast, where she adds a little creativity to the wedding world, or simply the Enthusiast, where she makes those brilliant Caring is Cool t-shirts. Or for being a master baker (she made us Patchwork cookies!). However you know her, you’ll know that she LOVES weddings, and she’s got a great eye for detail. So here are Ellie’s top five small wedding details that have a big impact:

Decorate your chair-backs

One thing that often gets overlooked in ceremony styling which can otherwise have a major styling effect is jazzing up your chair-backs. There’s a giant wave of couples moving away from chair covers and sashes. Instead, it’s been on trend to have pared back chairs that do the talking all by themselves. However, I think having foliage, fronds or tassels, for example, hanging off randomly interspersed chairs can really elevate the moment. It brings the chairs in as a part of the ceremony, rather than a place for onlookers to observe.

Lay tables with varying heights

Lean closer, pals, as I’m about to let you in on the Wedding Stylist’s 101! Varying heights are the key to impactful table layouts. You want elements that bring both height – like taper candles, tall flower arrangements, ceramic ornaments or thin-necked bottles – as well as depth – like tealights or stout candles, gathered fruits and trinkets.* It’s the undulating comparison that has the major styling effect.

*If everything is too tall, it looks cluttered and frenetic (plus, it’s totally impractical to chat across the table). And on the other end, if it’s all too low, it gets all too easily lost.

Concentrate on backdrops and ceiling installations

With such a focus on personal details – and rightly so, your wedding is nothing if not a celebration of your personalities – the bigger picture can sometimes be lost. Instead of getting bogged down by minutiae and having 7000 different elements for the day, consider a bold and eye-catching backdrop or a hanging installation. They draw the eye as soon as you enter the room, can convey whatever style and vibe you’re going for not long after, and they bring the room together, acting as the main feature. They can dress up a bare room, add serious colour to a plain one, and get the party started in a more-traditional-than-you’d-have-liked one. And when used with not much else, their impact is often magnified – winner winner budget-conscious but still delicious chicken dinner.

Don’t underestimate the power of signs!

Signs have been seriously sexed up recently, to become the ultimate in wedding décor desires. Whether it’s a big neon one from Vowed & Amazed or This Will Be Forever, or a hand-painted one by Third Eye Design, Sylvie Signs or All Frills Studio, having a punchy message on display brings an air of contemporary cool to your day. Maximise this aching cool by keeping it as home décor for your living room or above your bed afterwards!

Wedding favours – just think about it

If you’re of the opinion that wedding favours are totally unnecessary and you have 100% vetoed them for your day, I totally get it – they are, at the heart of it, not a necessity. In their defence, however, if I may m’lord; when they’re well thought-out, they’re absolutely genius.

I am in favour of wedding favours for many reasons. First of all, gift-giving is my number one joy in life (which is why I love Patchwork so much, because it’s gift-giving without restraints) and to be able to give gifts to all my gathered nearest and dearest would give me SUCH A FULL HEART I don’t even think I’d be able to walk through the door. Secondly, they’re often a great way of communicating with your guests when you may not have had a chance to yet – remember, the chances are they’ll have gone into the reception room before you have, in order to welcome you in. But they do have to be well-thought out and personally resonate with each guest – and not wasteful, either! Think of what David Attenborough would have to say, hey?

Thanks Ellie! Go see her at www.theweddingenthusiast.co.uk

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