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Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Actually Want

by Ismay Ozga

As a company who believe in minimal waste and maximum fun, it may seem like wedding favours are way down our list of priorities. However, we’re also a company founded on the unbridled joy of giving, so we love wedding favours – when they’re genius items that people actually want to receive, rather than just leave on the table! We thought we’d round up our favourite wedding favour ideas that your guests are either bound to love and treasure forever, or totally relish and finish in the moment. Either way, it’s a double feelgood factor of giving your guests something they’ll 100% love, and not wasting anything. Winner winner!

Personalised letterpress goodies

Luxury letterpress goods tick all the boxes: super design-led, super personal, and super sustainable as they’re reusable/recyclable! One of our favourites is Lucky Ink Press – we love this How We met card above which could double as a coaster, and her For Richer, For Poorer scratch cards with attached coins. If you’ve got a lot of guests who don’t know many people, you could also include some icebreakers or dares on there; and if your Nana’s made you her world famous lemon drizzle for your cake table, you could give everyone a copy of the recipe as their favour.

Coffee pouches

You wouldn’t settle for subpar coffee on a normal Saturday, so why do it for your wedding day? Ruttle & Rowe – who you may recognise from their coffee cart at Lea Bridge Station – also bag their incredible coffee as wedding favours, which can double as place settings. Your guests will thank you the morning after!

Lottery tickets or scratchcards

Lottery tickets can be an excellent no-waste favour that guests will LOVE – just ask Claire Fleck, who photographed this amazing wedding earlier this year during the Six Nations. Hector and Yvonne bought all of their guests lottery tickets betting on the match outcome – a third betting on a win, a third betting on a loss, and a third betting on a draw – and handed them out at random. The guests with the winning tickets (betting on the now infamous 38-38 draw!) won nearly £5k between them! Now tell us your guests wouldn’t want that?!

Handpainted Keyrings

Bee Davies Illustration is the queen of hand-painted leather. The OG babe of hand-painted wedding jackets, she also does super cute keyrings. Double them up as place settings with your guests’ names on them, or just have a gorgeous design to match your theme on the day. Double points for them being environmentally friendly as they use offcuts that would otherwise be discarded. Winner!

Wildflower seeds

We’re all about a greener earth for the future here at Patchwork, so we absolutely adore these seedboms from Kabloom. They’re friendly flower bombs with ‘wildflower power potential’ – basically, you can lob it at an unloved space, and it will be transformed over time into a beautiful floral wonderland! It’s guerrilla gardening at it’s fine, but the cute grenade packaging (a sentence we never thought we’d say) makes them supremely giftable.

Vicky’s Donuts

If you’re not planning to serve your guests food immediately at the reception, a great way to keep those hunger pangs at pay is to serve edible favours. And what better to serve than delicious Vicky’s Donuts?! All handmade in London with the freshest ingredients, they’re the nicest donuts we’ve ever tasted – and, what’s more, they look SO CUTE. They’re customisable by flavour, colour, theme, shape – you could even have mini pizza slices if you wish.

Personalised mugs from Third Eye Signs

These mugs are the real deal. Third Eye Signs is a signpainter in Leeds, who mixes traditional handlettering methods with excellent slogans, modern styles and killer colour combos. We love these mugs as favours, because aesthetically they’re fancy as without feeling stuffy, but also because they’re SO practical. They mean your glass hire costs are slashed, you minimise the non-recyclable cups you’d otherwise be using, and they’re a great conversation piece for people – PLUS, no more awkward “What’s your name?” chats. Love love LOVE.

Wedding favours are a lovely way for you to give back to your guests, but they probably want to give something to you too! If you’re looking for other bits for your wedding, take a look at our DIY wedding template for some inspiration…

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