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The gift registry that gives back to the planet.

by Rosie Hurwitz
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Patchwork Gift Registry was built to bring joy, reduce waste and make gift giving meaningful and we’ve loved helping over 120,000 of you celebrate together since we launched in 2016.

We feel really good about what we’ve achieved so far as an independent, woman-led business. But in 2022 it’s time to do more. The urgency of the climate crisis, together with the fact that we still have time (just) to make an impact, means an exciting new chapter, and challenge, for Patchwork.

From now, we are going 50/50, split down the middle (yes HALF and HALF) with planet earth. For every single penny we take as platform fees, we give half to environmental charities. Not 1% of profits, not greenwashing, tree planting or vague promises. A rock solid, no-messing, 50% of all fee revenue going directly to environmental organisations that are fighting for the future of our beautiful home planet.

images of nature and images of parties with words "party for the planet" flashing on centre of images in neon yellow

Party for the planet.

At Patchwork, we love parties, and we want to have a planet to party on forever. So now, whatever you use Patchwork to celebrate you’ll be helping keep our planet in better shape for future party people. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a baby shower, a big birthday, a new business or anything else you can think of it’s a total win / win. You get to organise the best present or party ever, and enjoy getting friends together to help you with all the things you really want and need. And you can feel good knowing you’re giving back to the planet at the same time. This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Image of a forest from above with words '50/50 - Patchwork gives 50% of our fees to environmental charities' three charity logos are underneath: Friends of the Earth, Survival International and Client Earth.

Who we support.

We’ve been working on our new business model in secret for a while now, and a big part of the process was deciding which environmental charities we wanted to partner with. We couldn’t be happier, prouder or more excited to be partnering with three absolutely amazing organisations:

ClientEarth – using the power of law to hold corporations and governments to account and drive systemic change to protect the planet and all that inhabit it.

Friends of the Earth – combining environmental research and public awareness campaigns to put pressure on governments to commit to genuine climate action.

Survival International – working with Indigenous peoples to defend human rights, protect sacred land and share wisdom from the ‘world’s best conservationists’ about how to live in harmony with nature.

Their commitment and dedication to planet earth and all its inhabitants are inspirational. The successes that they’ve had to date are also hugely motivating for us, and we hope for you too.

So from now, every time someone signs up to use Patchwork for a present, a project or a party, 50% of our platform fee will go direct to one of these three charities.

It’s not the least we can do – it’s the MOST we can do; and we’re doing it.

clouds with sunlight reflecting on them and the words It's the most we can do. the word 'least' is before the word 'most' but is crossed out

Two ways to pay – two ways to protect our home planet.

There are two simple payment options when you use Patchwork for any occasion. The first option is our single one-off fee of £50 (£25 of which goes directly to the charity of your choice). This option is best suited if you’re using Patchwork for a honeymoon fund or wedding registry and need a fairly long lead time of more than 8 months. It also means your charity of choice gets an upfront donation so your money can get to work straight away.

Our other option is a monthly subscription of just £6 per month with your first month free (£3 of that goes to your choice of charity every month). A subscription works best if your event has a shorter lead time or if you plan on using Patchwork on more than one occasion. It also means the charity of your choice gets a regular monthly donation to keep on doing the important work that’s needed.

Whichever you choose, you’ll not only be enjoying using the best registry / honeymoon fund / group gift platform in the world ever, you’ll also get that extra feel-good knowing your money is doing incredible things. Double joy.

small planet earth seen from space, in middle of starry sky, with small arrow pointing towards it and the words 'she's our boss' underneath

Don’t snatch, share

It’s one of Patchwork’s founding principles and the first piece of advice we were given as kids. And the motto our Nan taught us to live by: ‘Don’t snatch, share’.

Life is not about what we have, own or take; it’s about what we give, share and how we support one another. Both in the good times and the not so good times. It’s one of the things people love most about Patchwork, the way it brings people together, to pool resources and share talents. To allow people to give generously in a way that involves everyone, and excludes no-one. Where time and skill and love are valued as much or even more than monetary gifts. Using Patchwork not only makes everyone feel good, it means we can best use the resources we already have, consume waste less and protect our planet more.

changing images of people sharing things with words "Don't snatch share" on screen in neon yellow

Join us

One of the most unexpected and wonderful things we’ve experienced from a business point of view has been this sense of sharing, inclusion and generosity from our industry friends. Small businesses that have rallied round each other, stuck together and supported each other through the many ups and downs of the last few years. We know we are stronger when we work together and collaborate. As we move forwards and explore what business unusual might look like, we hope as many of our friends and colleagues will join and support us in doing ALL we can. The planet needs us to. We wouldn’t have got this far without their amazing support and we won’t be able to make this a success without your support.

So please share this news, spread the word and show your love, and together, we can make something really amazing happen – for all of us.

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