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Why A New Business Shower Is a Great Idea

by Ismay Ozga
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You’ve probably seen the viral tweets and subsequent memes that do the rounds every so often, asking why don’t we throw a new business shower for people setting up on their own (“Instead of Baby Showers, let’s host Business Showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them and bring resources for their business” suggested Ke Sharp. And the internet duly went WILD.)

Well, the reason that new business showers resonated is because it really is a bloomin’ brilliant idea. And rather than consign them to the graveyard of Internet Ideas That Could Have Been, Patchwork have come up with a brilliant way to actually make them happen – so here’s 5 reasons you should have a new business shower:

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Frankly, you deserve a new business shower

It’s easy to downplay it when you start a new business, and we don’t want to freak you out, but: going it alone is a big deal. It’s scary and exciting and nerve-wracking and incredible (and totally worth it!), and it’s a decision that justifies definite celebration. Add some ceremony to the occasion by throwing a new business shower, and giving it and you the moment you so richly deserve.

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It’s a great way to tell people about your idea

We’re not saying use your business shower as a marketing campaign, but we are saying a new business shower is a great way to publicly let people know you’re actually doing this thing! It’s a big ol’ vibrant flare signalling to people that it’s happening: you’re going into business with your brilliant idea that you’ve kept to yourself for so long.

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Because it’s a bit like having a baby

I’m going to caveat this by saying that obviously having a business is not the same as having a baby – I’ve had a few sleepless nights as a business owner, but as a child who didn’t sleep a full night til I was eight and a half years old (sorry Mum!), I know they’re not exactly comparable. But they are a bit comparable – both things you’ve created, that you feel incredibly proud of, that you’ve never done before, that you can read all the books in the world to prepare yourself for but ultimately still have to learn as you go. To really stretch this metaphor to its limit, a baby shower is a brilliant way to mark a momentous milestone and to welcome in a new chapter, and so a new business shower can too.

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Your loved ones will be itching for ways to support you

A new business shower is a brilliant vehicle for your family and friends to support you and your new venture, in a way that isn’t by becoming your customers or clients. I mean, if they want to buy from you, who are we to stop them – but a lot of the time they won’t be a fit for your ideal customer base. And that’s ok! What they will be, though, is desperate to show their enthusiasm, and throw themselves behind you in a demonstrable way. A new business shower is a great way to get them involved, and to give them ways of being able to show their love and support for you that don’t see them buying stuff they don’t need.

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Community is really important, even as a business of one

We’re pretty sure the Beatles were specifically singing about a New Business Shower when they penned (I Get By) With A Little Help From My Friends. Having a strong support network, be it 2 people or 20, is crucial – people you can lean on, rant to, and share your wins with, and who can do the same for you. Setting off on your business adventure knowing that you carry a bit of each of these important people with you in everything you do can be really encouraging.

And, because I love you and want you to succeed: here’s an extra reason why you should throw a new business shower with Patchwork:

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It’s environmentally friendly

You may not have a fully formed idea of all of your business values yet, and that’s ok, but I think we can all agree that having a business that does good and minimises harm is something we should all be striving for. With Patchwork, your friends and family have the option to ‘do’ and ‘make’ some of the patches you provide as well as ‘fund’. This means that rather than buying you well-intentioned but ultimately useless stuff, they can make, find, and rehome items that deserve a second life, as well as contributing time or expertise that leaves its mark in your heart, but not on the earth. Clever, huh?

Are you thinking of hosting a new business shower? GOOD FOR YOU! You can look at some premade templates here, or read more about how to create them here. You can also read the story of the original New Business Shower, (yes the one that launched actual Patchwork itself!)

Best of luck with your new venture – you’re going to smash it!

Author: Ellie Kime – The Enthusiast

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