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Yvonne’s Luxurious Birthday Treat – Funded by Family

by Ismay Ozga
Patchwork birthday bag gift

Yvonne is a busy mum of three grown up kids (plus two grandchildren!), she spends her time between London and her country house in Bordeaux, France. She looks after herself, enjoys regular spa weekends and treats herself to the things she wants every now and then, so when it comes to birthdays, she says there aren’t things she really needs.
So why did she use Patchwork? We’ll let Yvonne explain below…
Why did you decide to use Patchwork?
When I was younger I used to put up with surprise gifts – the books and blushers and earrings I didn’t really want! But in recent years I’ve become more comfortable saying it like it is. When friends and family ask what I’d like for my birthday treat I tell them. It’s usually Chanel No. 5 perfume, body lotion or shower gel. A nice candle, a bottle of bubbly or a bunch of flowers. The finer things in life that you can never have too much of… but this birthday was different.
It was my 60th and I have to admit I’d confessed to my kids that the only thing I really wanted was a new Mulberry bag. I’d had my one for years and I’d loved and used it so much it was finally starting to look a bit tatty so it was perfect timing – a special gift for a special birthday treat. Of course I would never ask my children to buy me such an expensive gift alone so Patchwork was perfect, as it meant my daughter could invite all my family and friends to chip in.
Patchwork birthday bag group gift
How did you feel when you opened your group-gift?
OMG……doesn’t cover it! I was elated and thrilled beyond belief and was even more chuffed that inside the bag was the matching purse – which I needed also! Receiving a gift that you really, really want and need is the ultimate. Plus it was the exact bag I wanted, the right colour and it came in an enormous box which made it all the more fun to open before we rushed out of the door… to a surprise lunch in Paris!
What’s so special about your Mulberry bag?
I love good quality bags and shoes – it’s always been my thing! I know my new Mulberry will look and feel good for another 10 years and the best bit is that every time I look at my beautiful bag on my arm I think about my gorgeous friends and family who gave it to me.
Would you recommend Patchwork to others?
I do. All the time! Me and my friends are at an age where we’ve got all the stuff we need and we don’t really want lots of little token gifts every year – we’ve got no room for anymore trinkets! So it just makes much more sense to be honest and open if there’s one thing you really want. It’s lovely to receive that luxury gift that perhaps you wouldn’t treat yourself to, especially when it comes from people you love.
Thanks, Yvonne, and happy birthday from Team Patchwork! If this has inspired you to make your own patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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