You create your Christmas wish list.
We give back to the planet.

A Christmas Wish List Patchwork

If you're trying to consume less this Christmas but still want to make sure it’s magical, why not ask friends and family to contribute towards some zero waste gifts and experiences.

A Christmas Wish List Patchwork
    Create your own Christmas wishlist from scratch or customise one of our readymade templates.
    Collect cash gifts in any currency direct to your bank account via Stripe.
    Keep track of contributions, read messages from friends and family and send thanks.
    Your fee supports environmental charities - choose which cause you want us to donate to today.

Start your Christmas gift page

Editing a patch within a christmas patchwork

Create your gift page

Browse our many unique Christmas gift ideas and choose a readymade template to customise or create your own Christmas wishlist from scratch. With Patchwork you can invite friends and family to fund physical gifts, pay for much wanted experiences or contribute their time and skills to bring some festive joy. A patchwork of images shows them the things you’d like them to fund, make or do. Then, for example, they can choose whether to contribute that £20 towards a special gift, take the kids ice-skating or make some festive treats!

Browse Christmas gift templates

Collect money

Patchwork is not tied to any suppliers and we don't hold your funds. Instead money goes directly into your bank account via Stripe so you can spend it when, where and how you like.

Baby on lap at computer
Saying thank you to your contributors.

Say thank you

It's super easy to keep track of gifts and messages from friends and family. So when you’ve all enjoyed your gift or experience, you can upload photos to your account to send along with a thank you message to the people who helped make it happen. You can also send printed thank you cards using our 30% discount with our friends at Moo.

We're giving 50% of our fees to fund the fight to save our planet.

You decide how to pay and choose which one of our three environmental charities you want us to donate to.

£50 today

(£25 of which goes to charity)


£6 per month

(£3 of which goes to charity)

Hear From Happy People

Vera’s Pony Loan

Vera and her pony
“Creating my page was really fun. But the best bit was being at stables every day. Having my own pony for two weeks was the best Christmas present ever.”

Bea’s Christmas Kittens

Bea's family and Christmas kittens
“When we did our Patchwork for two kittens we didn’t know what to expect (perhaps just two legs and a tail!), but it worked fantastically. We’ve changed how we do Christmas for the children (and us). Never again will the kids have ten unwanted presents (each played with for an hour), but instead, one thing that is really wanted and is kept for years.”

Canterbury Christmas Dinner

Canterbury Christmas Dinner
"People were able to leave individual messages which was very important for us as this project isn’t just about donating but connecting as a community. I will recommend it to the Christmas Dinners for carers that happen all over the country.”

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