Bar Mitzvah Templates

Are you organising your son’s bar mitzvah? With Patchwork, you invite friends and family to contribute cash towards a special gift, experience or future savings in a way that’s easy, personal and fun. Show friends and family the things that are really wanted and together they can help make it happen. If you’re looking for inspiration we have lots of templates to get you started.

All of our Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy. Or you can create your own from scratch.

A Bar Mitzvah party is a momentous occasion and definitely a reason to celebrate, and here at Patchwork we’re here to help you make it happen. Organising your own bar mitzvah doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful: in fact, we make it easy, stress-free, and, to toot our own horn just a tad, even enjoyable!

When is a bar mitzvah? Well, a bar mitzvah is the coming of age ritual celebrated when boys in the Jewish faith turn 13. And if you’re wondering how to celebrate your bar mitzvah, we’ve got your back. After the religious ceremony, you typically also have a bar mitzvah party, where you, your friends and your family celebrate with lots of food and loads of dancing (two of the best things, if you ask us…) Our platform makes organising your own bar mitzvah party super simple, leaving you more time to enjoy the food, dancing, and company.

With Patchwork your guests can offer to make, do, and fund what you put on there, so it’s perfect if you’re planning a bar mitzvah on a budget: we can definitely help you make it happen. Maybe you’d love a hand in setting up the space with decorations, you need to delegate the playlist creation, or you’d be ever so grateful for a family member or friend to make some food for it - these can all be added to your patchwork for your guests to offer up their skills and time. 

You can also use a Patchwork to collect gifts for your bar mitzvah. If you’re wondering how much money do you give, what is an appropriate gift, or do you give cash or cheque at bar mitzvahs, then you can relax: our platform takes all of that awkwardness out for you and your guests! Did you know one of our favourite bar mitzvah facts is that cash is often given in £18 increments, because the number 18 represents a giving of “chai”, or life? Our ‘fund’ patches can  customised, so you can set them at whatever monetary amount you’d like. 

And of course, the gifts don’t have to be money, either: if you’re looking for an appropriate Bar Mitzvah gift that’s not monetary, then patches can be added for whatever you’d really like. Maybe it’s something that money can’t buy: more of an experience. Guests can collaborate and contribute to this experience together, giving you the true gift of a lifetime.