Christmas Templates

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in person or from a distance, Patchwork is here to help you find gift or occasion ideas that are thoughtful, creative, and kind. With Patchwork you can invite friends and family to chip in towards one much-wanted gift or experience, ask people to gift their time and their talents or donate pre-loved gifts from a wish-list.

All of our Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy. Or you can create your own from scratch.

1• Set up your Christmas wish list 2• Keep track of contributions 3• Upload photos to send thanks

With Patchwork, you can invite friends and family to chip in to one much-wanted, big ticket Christmas gift, rather than receiving lots of gifts that aren't really needed or appreciated. Patchwork helps solve the problem of over-consumption at Christmas, helps to reduce the waste generated by excessive Christmas presents and unecessary gift wrapping and saves money and time for everyone too! Get everyone together online to contribute towards gifts and experiences your family will love. Whether it’s a trampoline fund for a 6 year old, a new laptop for a teenager, a year's supply of flowers for mum or a cheese subscription for dad, Patchwork makes it simple, secure and fun for everyone to receive the gifts they love and give the gifts they enjoy giving.

Often, at Christmas we get caught up in thinking we need a huge pile of presents and buy stuff our friends and family don't really want or need. Kids gifts get played with a couple of times and then the novelty wears off. There are only so many novelty socks and scented candles a person needs. With a Christmas wish-list from Patchwork, we can help you organise a Christmas present that will last long beyond the turkey sandwiches. With Patchwork you can share the cost amongst family and friends by organising a group gift page for a new bike, a mud kitchen, or maybe a new camera for Christmas? Or perhaps some of the most popular Christmas gifts for this year will be exciting experience gifts instead?  Check out our readymade templates for more ideas: a sewing course, a Christmas pamper spa day, or even a special festive trip to Lapland. The beauty of Patchwork is that not only can your friends and family all chip in for a special Christmas gift that will be treasured, but they can also leave festive messages too. Instead of a traditonal Christmas card, people can leave a message on your Patchwork and a photo of them if they wish, so you can thank them on the big day and send photos of yourself enjoying your Patchwork Christmas gift!

For an alternative Christmas wish-list, and if there's really nothing material you need, why not ask friends and family to gift you their time and skills instead of buying gifts? Check out our kids' zero-waste give list and family give list for eco gift ideas that are more about time spent together than physical gifts or money. Baking Christmas treats together, teaching them a new skill, a frosty walk or bike ride with hot chocolate and cake, a preloved book or game as a gift. Kinder to the planet, kinder to our pockets, and what do kids always want the most? Time spent with the people they love. It's a win-win. If you just want to plan a Christmas get together or party we can help with that too! Check out our Christmas with friends template and let everyone choose what they'd like to make, do or fund to make the party a success.

All of our Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy, or if you're feeling creative you can create your own Patchwork from scratch.