Hen Do Templates

Want to organise a hen do in a way that’s easy, fun and stress free? Create a patchwork to share your plans and show friends all the things they need to help fund, make and do. With Patchwork you can collect cash direct to your account, keep track of all contributions and send event updates and thanks to all those who help make the hen do happen.

All of our Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy. Or you can create your own from scratch.

Congratulations! You or your best pal is getting married, and that means that some hen party planning is about to go down. Hen parties should be fun - all the people you care about the most celebrating your upcoming wedding day, what’s not to love?! - but more often than not, hen party planning can feel a tad overwhelming. What do you do at a hen do? How do you organise a hen do? And how do you throw the best hen do? (And, a question we get asked a lot: Who pays for the hen do?!) Well, we’re here to help with all of that. 

Our Patchwork platform provides you with a way to share your brilliant plans, and show your friends what they can help do, fund, and make for the hen do you’re planning. Whether it’s a crafty pal who can lend a hand making some hen party decorations that will turn the room from drab to fab, a brainy friend creating some hen party games that will bring the group together, or a fashion-forward guest curating some hen party accessories, we’re proud to say organising one has never been so much fun or so stress free! (If we do say so ourselves…).  Take a look at 5 alternative hen party ideas

Patchwork also makes it easy to collect money for the hen do by depositing cash direct to your account. We can help you keep track of all the contributions, facilitate you sending event updates to those invited and then thank all of those who helped make it happen afterwards. This means it’s not only ideal for hen party gifts, where you might all want to chip in for something big, but also a socially distanced hen do for hens across the city, or even a virtual hen do for hens across the world.

So, what do you do at a hen do? It’s totally up to you. We’ve made up some of our favourite hen party ideas into Patchwork readymade templates for some inspiration, because we’re nice like that. Maybe you like the look of our afternoon tea hen do, or our Eastenders themed pub crawl (which was actually inspired by a real Patchwork customer - obviously a total legend.) 

Or if you’re looking for hen weekend templates, why not check out our readymades for hen dos in Copenhagen or hen party in Ibiza, or our countryside getaway? All of our Patchworks are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style and patches to suit your specific plans. Alternatively, if you have some unique hen party ideas that we haven’t got, you can create your own from scratch.