New Baby Templates

Know someone expecting a baby this year? Show your love and support in those early days by setting up a Patchwork New Baby page. Whether it’s a new cot or a food delivery service, a year’s supply of flowers or a handmade toy, with Patchwork you can get friends together to give new parents the one thing they really want and need. And leave messages of congratulations too!

All of our Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy. Or you can create your own from scratch.

Wondering how to have a virtual baby shower, or how to host a baby shower in real life? We’ve got just the trick - use our baby shower templates to organise a new baby celebration that’s full of love and life!

We all know that one of the best gifts for new parents and parents-to-be is peace of mind and a moment to put their feet up, and that’s exactly what our baby shower templates do. Our online baby shower templates allow your loved ones to collaborate and contribute to the baby shower even from afar, be it by lending a crafty or organisational hand, doing some logistical back and forth, or by chipping in for baby gifts that’ll last a lifetime. The answer to the question ‘how to host a baby shower online’ has never been easier! 

For example, someone could lead a game or activity, someone else could put together a playlist full of “Baby” songs, and another person could coordinate a video message from the guests who can’t attend the baby shower. They can also leave messages of congratulations on the Patchwork, too, for the new parents to treasure forever.

And speaking of presents - rather than buying baby gifts that are quickly outgrown, our platform facilitates people in making, funding and doing, resulting in baby gifts that are heartfelt and meaningful. Whether you’re looking for baby gift ideas for the new bundle of joy themselves or you’re searching for the perfect gifts for new parents, our templates are customisable, so you can guarantee that the recipient will absolutely love it! 

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we’ve got loads of readymade templates, like one for a new cot, a handmade toy, colourful building blocks or a baby gift hamper, which you can get started with today. Alternatively, if you’ve got a burning idea for the best baby gifts that no-one’s ever done before, you can create your own from scratch.

And if you’re looking for gifts for new parents, we’ve got templates for those too! Some of the best gifts for new parents aren’t the kind of thing that money can’t buy...well, they couldn’t, until now! Why not show your love by organising a food delivery service for those first couple of sleepless weeks, a year’s supply of flowers to brighten up parental leave working from home, or a spa day to rejuvenate them? 

At Patchwork, we make celebrating a virtual baby shower or congratulating a new arrival as easy, stress-free, and mostly FUN as possible!