School Event Templates

Organising a school event or project? Use Patchwork to show parents, teachers and children the plan. Then share the URL with everyone so they can choose whether to contribute money, time or skills to help make it happen. With Patchwork all funds raised go direct to your bank account via Stripe and it’s easy to keep track of activity in your Patchwork account. Click on one of the templates below that best matches your next event to get started, and to walk through how to do it click here.

At Patchwork we love learning - and we know this year has been super hard for schools, so we wanted to do what we can to help. Besides, our ethos is “don’t snatch, share” - and where better to celebrate that than in school? Use Patchwork to organise and celebrate your school events and projects, whether you’re looking to plan the best virtual summer school fair, PTA events, or basically anything else!

Patchwork is an online fundraising platform, but we can also help with so much more. Our patchworks are also a great way to help show parents, teachers and children what you’re planning, and allow them to share it with the wider world. In addition to being a fundraising site for schools where people can contribute money, we also give people the option to offer up their time and skills to make things happen too.

Our online fundraising platform works by adding patches where people can choose whether they want to ‘fund,’ ‘make’ and/or ‘do’ things that contribute to the effort. For example, maybe you’re looking for parents to give up a few hours on the weekend to oversee PTA events, or maybe you’d love some keen cooks to bake for a stall at a school fair - we make this possible. Maybe you’re looking to make the first Easter term back extra special, or maybe you’re looking to send your graduating class off in style with a virtual school summer fair. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to make the best virtual school Christmas fair - we can help with all of that.

It's super simple: the cash from your online fundraising efforts goes directly to your bank account via Stripe, and it’s really easy to keep track of all the activity in your account so that you can see who's done what (and who to thank!)

Take a look at some of our templates below to see how fundraising for schools works with us: click on the patchwork below that best matches your next event to get started. We walk you through how to do it here to make it even easier to start your PTA school fundraising events.