Whether you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas, you’re flirting with the idea of an experience gift list instead, or you’re concerned about travel restrictions after you get married and are looking for a replacement for a honeymoon fund - look no further. You can check out our wedding gift website templates for some inspiration for what to ask for: the beauty of Patchwork is that it enables your nearest and dearest to not only buy you certain things, but to do, make and chip in for specific things, too.

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative wedding gift list that would allow you to finally get your garden looking spic and span, or one of your dream unique wedding gift ideas is to be able to do up a campervan you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, when you’re thinking about what to register for your wedding, maybe the thing that you always come back to wanting is a bespoke piece of artwork, or you feel like your married life will finally be complete when you rescue and rehome a dog or cat.

Or maybe you’d prefer an experience gift list that would prioritise moments over things. We’ve got templates that would provide you with a year’s worth of dates, a membership to the National Trust for your weekends as a married couple, or even a give list, where your guests can contribute things they know you’ll love. All of these are possible with us - in fact, it’s the whole reason we started our business.

And we’re not just a wedding gift website either - to quote a cliche phrase, the possibilities really are endless. You can also use our platform as a wedding fund, if the alternative wedding gift you’d really like is help with the wedding itself: check out our DIY wedding, and a cosy winter version. Plus, if you’re wondering how to organise a virtual wedding, you guessed it: you can use us too. Your guests can come together in celebrating with you, albeit from afar.

And if you’re looking for a honeymoon fund, we’ve got you too!