Here are some tips to make your patchwork a great experience for everyone involved:

Make it personal

You’re inviting people to contribute towards something for yourself or a friend, so don’t be scared to make it personal. Use your images and words to share not just what you want but also something about you.

Put in the effort

You get back what you put in. True in life and true here too. If your friends and family feel the love and effort that’s gone into creating your patchwork, they’re much more likely to show their love in return ­ by being extra super generous.

Make it yours

There are plenty of readymade patchworks you can use as the basis for your own. But if you decide to start from scratch and upload your own images, please, please make sure they are yours. All images used on your patchwork must be copyright free or belong to you.

Keep it simple

When your friends visit your patchwork, make sure they know why they are there. Explain what it is you want to fund, make or do. Say for who it is for and why. Keep it short, sweet, and simple so that everyone can understand it.

Spread the cost

If you’re asking friends to help you fund something make sure the pieces of your patchwork offer a range of prices so everyone can afford to contribute, however big or small.

Keep it clean

Keep it clean and don't be mean. Please. We don't edit pages in any way so bad jokes, spelling and grammar will go unchecked by us. However, if anyone reports your patchwork as offensive and/or abusive, we have the right to remove it.

Remember to say thank you

You can thank friends instantly via Facebook and email or with photo thanks after you’ve enjoyed your Patchwork experience. However you do it, don't forget.